Certified Bridal Stylist Course

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Certified Bridal Stylist Course


Enter the Glamorous World of Weddings and Style Brides for a Living!


Train to be a Certified Bridal Stylist

"After taking this course I feel both confident in selling bridal wear and in the subject of the American wedding." Marina Sapp

As a certified bridal stylist, you’ll have the credentials and knowledge to bring confidence, beauty and glamour to any bride’s special day.

Of course, bridal styling is not just about the wedding day, but often includes other events leading up to it such as showers, engagement parties, bachelorette teas and brunches. You may also be tasked with styling the groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and mother of the bride, flower girls and more. This course will fully prepare you for all of these joyous responsibilities. With your help and your impeccable eye, the bride-to-be can relax into her role knowing that her image will be taken care of and that her photographs will be stunning.

Our online certification course for bridal stylists provides step-by-step training and a 10 chapter, full-color manual. You’ll learn exactly how to approach an initial meeting with a bridal client and how to measure, shop and choose the best for the bride. Armed with your bridal stylist certification, you’ll help shape wedding memories that will last a lifetime.

Online course is open to the student 24 hours per day. The course duration is up to 12 weeks and the student can start as soon as they register and purchase. The course can be completed at the students pace. Students have access to forums, groups, wikis, social media, resources and materials at all times.

The following is a basic topic Overview of the interactive video tutorials in this course. Course includes audio, video, interactions, mini-quizzes, exercises and exams:

1.      The Bridal Stylist Career

2.      The Bridal Client

3.      The Bridal Consultation

4.      Bridal Interview

5.      Determine Budgets

6.      Before and After Photography

7.      Measurements & Body Shape

8.      Facial Shape

9.      Color Analysis

10.  Working with The Bride

11.  Style Personality

12.  The Bridal Binder

13.  Going Shopping

14.  The Perfect Wedding Dress

15.  Selecting The Dress

16.  Dress Codes for Bridal Events

17.  Styling Mastery

18.  Mastering Bridal Styling

19.  Problem Brides

20.  The Big Day

21.  Styling the Mother of the Bride

22.  Styling the Attendants

23.  Styling the Groom & Groomsmen

24.  Bridal Makeup Guide

25.  Business Basics

26.  Setting Your Fees

27.  Getting Clients

28.  Promoting Your Bridal Services

29.  Bridal Shows

30.  Glossary of terms

31.  Five Assignments

32.  One Final Exam: 25 Multiple Choice, True/False, 3 Essay Questions

33.  Two Final Essays

34.  One Niche Market Statement Project

35.  One Final Styling Assignment - students must complete a digital photograph/ styling project 

Includes Groom Info

Learn How to Dress The Groom and Groomsmen


Color Analysis: Learn how to drape, identify undertone, experiment with hue, tone and temperature. Certification course readies the consultant for professional color consulting.

Fashion 101 – nine two hour classes on the important fundamental studies of fashion design elements and principles.

Video Tutorial: Basic Apparel Styles, Terms and Pronunciations enables learners a command of correct usage of key terms used in fashion styling.

Facial Shape Class – how to determine a client’s facial shape and angles for appropriate accessory wear.

How to Style Video Tutorials – with audio instructions on how to dress each of the five body shapes.

How to Proportion and Balance Clothing in Styling

How to Coordinate Fashion (Prints, patterns, textures and angles)

BONUS Course – Start Up Your Image Business Seminar

There are ten parts (10 one hour seminars) to this BONUS course and we will be reviewing each of these crucial start-up steps in depth.  Students are offered tutorial videos within the seminar along with interactive exercises and will be tasked with projects designed to stimulate starting a business today! Participants have 30 days of access to the seminar and can review as many times as needed in that 30 days.

1. Introduction
2. Getting to Know Your Image Business
3. Legal Basics
4. Marketing + Promotion
5. Branding + Logo, Image, Name
6. What Do I Charge?
7. Your Online Marketing Toolbox
8. Build a Successful Business (your services, speaking, customer service skills)
9. Creative Promoting
10. Business Start Up Info

Grade Scale is standard: Grading Policy – Overall assessment for this course is based on critical writings, discussion question responses, essays, group collaborations and pop quizzes.

  • 90-100 = A

  • 80-89 = B

  • 70-79 = C

  • 60-69 = D

  • Below 60 = F


The Bridal Stylist; Style, Image & Fashion Consulting for Weddings by Gillian Armour, CBS Volume 2, 2014 ISBN978-1453699065

This Business Called Image; An Owner’s Manual by Gillian Armour, CIP Volume 2, 2014 ISBN978-1479183043

Expected Learning Outcomes for students:

·         How To Do A Professional Bridal Interview And Consultation

·         Learn Your Clients Body Shape And Style Personality

·         How To Fulfill The Brides Vision Of Her Dream Wedding Dress

·         What Seasonal Color Analysis Is And How It Pertains To Her Dress, Accessories, Makeup

·         How To Find The Best Wedding Dress Styles For The Client

·         Choose Correct Accessories, Flowers, Veils, Shoes And Jewelry

·         Clothing Portfolios For The 5 Body Types

·         Style Collage And Core Wardrobe Workbooks

·         Clothing Silhouette Guides For All Body Shapes

·         How To Guides For All Image Services

·         Shopping Preferences And Plans

·         Body Shape Review and Video for all FIVE Body Types

·         Makeup Steps and Hairstyle Review

Course outcomes:

At the completion of this course students will be able to successfully consult with potential and actual bridal style clients, brides, mothers of the bride and attendants on selecting appropriate fashions, accessories, shoes and styling. Students will know over ten dress codes and how to dress their bridal clients for special occasions. Students will know how to conduct professional sessions in body shape analysis, bridal binder collaging, bridal hairstyles and makeup and personal shopping techniques.

  • Identify the ten steps for a successful bridal consultation

  • Measure a bride to determine her body shape

  • Identify the five body shapes for women

  • Identify at least two wedding dress styles for each of these body types

  • Identify five bridal veil styles

  • Detail five marketing strategies to promote your business

  • Learn how to style bridal looks

  • Identify six categories of dress codes for brides/ bridal party event dressing

  • Complete a target niche statement


All materials are included in the cost of the course:

·         Student manual “The Bridal Stylist; Career Manual”

·         Body Shape Clothing Silhouettes Guidebook

·         Bridal Trend reports

·         Practice worksheets and forms

Graduate Resources

  • Free Customizable Forms To Help You In Your New Business

  • Free E-Book "This Business Called Image" With Step By Step Guidelines For Starting Your Business

  • QR Code Badge Html Snippet To Add To Your Website For Easy Credential Referencing

  • Free Graduate Directory Listing And Personal Web Page With Review/Star Options

  • Ongoing Access To Global Image And Style Networking Groups

  • Updated Daily News And RSS Fashion Feeds

  • Monthly Industry News Blasts

  • Ongoing Mentorship And Support

  • Image Tools To Help You Grow Your Business

  • Royalty Free Image And Fashion Photographs (discounted price for graduates)

  • Royalty Free Power Point Seminars With Student And Presenter Manuals (discounted price for graduates)

  • First Notifications For Events, Special Prices, New Courses

  • Access to Free Webinars

  • Notification of New Seminars

Accreditation Details

*CEU’s are NOT required in order to operate a consulting practice but are awarded as evidence of completion. Final certifications and reports will state the student’s name, course of study and CEU’s, ILU’s and Training Hours earned.

FSI CEU’s – FSI is a continuing education training institute and as such can offer Continuing Education Units. FSI CEU’s are awarded based on the following grade scale A through B = 80% to 100% score and the following achievements: Completion of all training modules, quizzes, final certification exam, discussion group participation, learning objectives, training objectives, feedback, evaluation and testimonial.

One CEU equals ten contact training hours. FSI learner training hours are recorded within the learning portal. Students and administrators have access to these reports at all times.

CEUs were created as a way to document education and training in specifically developed activities for adult learners in a variety of disciplines. One CEU is defined as “10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction.”

FSI created its CEU program based on the fundamentals set down by I.A.C.E.T. (the standard for continuing education credits).  FSI’s instructional programs seek to enrich graduate’s knowledge, improve their skills, and develop their business opportunities. FSI training also adheres to the core competencies for image study set down by major image associations. These core competencies are noted in each course introduction.

I.L.U. = FSI is an authorized ILU awarding entity.  FSI awards ALL graduates International Learning Units. The ILU is the standard awarding unit for all professional/ certificate based online courses. The ILU teaches to the objectives of the course and hence the student achieves professional knowledge and is tested for this achievement and to earn certification status.

In order to earn ILU’S students must achieve all learning objectives listed, pass a final exam with an 80% score, complete all essays, pop quizzes, contribute to discussions and demonstrate appropriate verbal and written etiquette. The competencies for earning this award are detailed within the course portal on the students account. One ILU is equal to ten hours of recorded training time.

TH (Training Hours) = this course awards training hours. Training hours can be used to record achievement for required documentation for higher career certifications. Graduates of this course are provided with an officially documented tally of their training, study and online time participation.

Earning CEU’s is not a requirement for studying with FSI, however, learners who need CEU’s in order to fulfill other educational requirements (advanced applications for example) will need to complete their own associations approval prior to CEU awarding by FSI. Contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding CEU’s.

Badge Program

All graduates of FSI receive an online education digital badge upon graduation. This digital badge indicates they have achieved education from a Certified Education Credit and Training Hour Awarding Course. Digital badges are recognized as proof that students have successfully completed disciplines in online fashion education and have passed final exams that qualify them to train and work in their badge title discipline. FSI digital badges are embedded with code custom to the student’s achievements. When placed on your website (or other templates) these badges direct your potential employers, clients or school admins to your certification skill set.

*Only those graduates with registered IP addresses and complete course results are eligible to use this digital badge. Students successfully completing requirements for certification will be sent access to links for posting their badge upon course close. Clients seeking confirmation of legitimate badge use and graduate details can contact us at any time. We act as a powerful referral and resource network for our graduates and other professionals. Students are encouraged to list their websites, blogs and professional credentials with us at no charge.

 Certification: learners completing all course expectations and objectives successfully are awarded PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION from Fashion Stylist Institute.



“Thank you so much for yet another great on line training course. The Certified Bridal Stylist course is the third certification course I have taken with the Fashion Stylist Institute. When considering adding to my skills set with Bridal Styling, I knew that FSI would have the perfect course for me, and of course it did not disappoint. As with the other courses I have taken through FSI, the Certified Bridal Stylist course training materials were in-depth and well presented. The modules were well organized and very easy to navigate, making the studying process easy for me and very effective. Whilst some of the course material covered the basics of style, such as body shapes, proportions etc which as a Certified Image Consultant I already have an in-depth knowledge of, I really appreciated the refresher. The bridal information was well presented and informative, and I really valued the information regarding appropriate attires for the events surrounding a wedding. I would loved to have seen more visuals of actual wedding dress options, rather than drawings. The inclusion of the color analysis module in the course was a wonderful, the information contained was superb, and I look forward to delving deeper in to this subject in the future. Another great course form FSI, one that I feel truly confident has set me up well, to offer exemplary professional bridal styling to my clients.” Thank you. Pamela F

“Many certification courses advertise an engaging and informative bridal stylist certification program. In researching and choosing Fashion Stylist Institute, I learned that other courses couldn't even compare. This course prepared me to jumpstart my career in bridal styling with all of the need-to-knows for holding professional consultations. Throughout the duration of this course the student ventures from learning the basic skills to learning essential details needed to be a successful bridal stylist. Through the engaging quizzes, interactive slides, and informative videos, it is easy to forget you're being graded. With the help of the course instructors' positive and encouraging feedback it is easy to stay on track and complete the course at your own pace, yet still in a timely manner. Thank you for providing me with a high quality course. Upon completion I feel ready to assist soon-to-be brides in the search for their perfect dress!” Alaina C.

“Becoming trained as a Bridal Stylist by you and your team was a very inspiring and solid experience for me, one can really tell, that you love what you are doing, and through this passion combined with your high level of professionality I have been greatly enriched and equipped within the last three months! I enrolled in your course to build my foundation for my future business and can really say, that the lessons provided about visual branding with all the aesthetic, technical and sociopsychological details involved have shaped and refined the way that I look at garments, fashion and the ones wearing them. Participating in your online learning program was surprisingly personal, your feedback was immediate, constructive and encouraging. The learning material on the diverse themes concerning fashion and wardrobe was complex, profound yet easy to understand and to manage. I was able to study at my own pace and got a lot of ideas on how to practically perform my further specialzation as a fashion professional. It's an exiting thought, that through this modern way of using the latest technology for teaching, learning and connecting, the FSI Campus gives many women and men around the world the opportunity to professionalize and to be able to also certify with the AICI. The final assignment to do a styling with a model was a beautiful experience, that made me even more aware of the fact, that working as a stylist is in the first place dealing with a person and then secondly comes the dealing with clothes. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with others, to me personally it is very significant that I can now call my self a Certified Bridal Stylist. In the first slides of the course you stated, that after taking the course I would „be in good shape“ to start my business; I admit that you did a very good „shapeshifting“ with me - I indeed feel confident now to professionally serve the brides.” All the best to you and your institute from Carla R.

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