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Certified Image Stylist Professional


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"I found this program to be very professional, straight-to-the-point, well structured – and modern."  



Your Career as an Image Stylist Professional

This course offers you advanced, multiple skills training in fashion, style, image, color, wardrobe and shopping.  These are the important building blocks of an ADVANCED IMAGE STYLIST PROFESSIONAL. Learn the fundamentals of fashion, fashion history, client consulting techniques, color analysis, personal shopping and wardrobe styling. This course covers advanced consulting basics that the novice consultant can learn.  If you are experienced as a fashion consultant you will also benefit from the professional modules of color analysis, wardrobe and closet editing and professional shopping methods.

Online course is open to the student 24 hours per day. The course duration is up to 24 weeks (six months) and the student can start as soon as they register and purchase. The course can be completed at the students pace. Students have access to forums, groups, wikis, social media, resources and materials at all times. The course offers 4 CEU’s and Professional Certification.

The following is a basic topic Overview of the interactive video tutorials in this course. Course includes audio, video, interactions, mini-quizzes, exercises and exams:

1.       About The Course and Online Learning

2.       How to Navigate the Online Course

3.       Course Requirements and CEU Statements 

4.       Intro to Fashion Training and Design Basics 101

5.       Intro to Fashion Design Theory, Methods and Principles

6.       Intro to Textiles

7.       Intro to The History of Image Consulting

8.       Intro to Fashion Today 

9.       Consulting Basics

10.    Fashion Basics

11.    Fashion Coordination Basics

12.    Style Personality

13.    Business Image

14.    Visual Branding

15.    Crafting Appearances 

16.    Body Shape Analysis Training

17.    Color Theory

18.    Color Basics

19.    Facial Shapes and Hairstyle Module

20.    The 5 Figure Shapes

21.    Professional Client Analysis Steps

22.    Shopping Preferences and Plans 

23.    Socio-Psychological Influences of Fashion on the Consumer

24.    Cultural Influences of Fashion and Style

25.    Physical Influences of Fashion and Style

26.    Fashion Design Elements -Space, Shape, Form And Line

27.    Fashion Design Elements - Color Studies

28.    Fashion Design Elements - Texture, Fabric, Terminology

29.    Fashion Design Principles – Golden Means

30.    Balance, Proportion, Emphasis, Rhythm, Unity

31.    Clothing Fit, Tailoring and Styling

32.    Wardrobe Strategies Introduction

33.    How to Style - Audio/Video Modules

34.    How to Balance Figure Shapes - Audio/Video Modules

35.    How to Measure - Audio/Video Modules

36.    Image Skills & Talents To Refine and Practice

Section 2 – Color Analysis Training

37.    Introduce the Concepts of Color

38.    Discover the Undertones and Temperature of Color

39.    History of Color Analysis

40.    Color Theory - FSI exclusive 2D+3D=EZ Color System

41.    Simple Color Systems Clients Can Understand 

42.    The Color Analysis Steps Explained

43.    Video - How to Mix Primary to Get Secondary

44.    Interaction Slideshow - identify mixing colors

45.    Sequence Learning Game

46.    How to Mix RGB Colors to Determine Undertone

47.    Video Tutorial - How to Use Tech Tools to Identify Inherent Color

48.    How to Use Color Drapes

49.    Fabric Swatch Demonstration

50.    Learner Demonstration

51.    Creating the Fan for the Client

52.    Defining Contrast Levels in Skin Tones

53.    Demo - identify inherent colors

"I loved the flexibility of this course! The tools and resources that I received are exceptional.

Section 3 – Professional Personal Shopping

54.    The Elite Personal Shopper

55.    First Consultations

56.    Personal Shopping Basics (understanding the retail environment)

57.    Understanding store layouts and departments

58.    Creating Budgets/

59.    Setting Fees

60.    Shopping Basics

61.    Online Shopping

62.    Getting Clients

63.    Career Options

64.    Contracts and Forms

65.    Marketing Strategies

66.    Needs and Budgets

67.    Deepening the Client Relationship

68.    ABC's of Retail Shopping

69.    Analysis and Determination Video Series

70.    Video 1 - Client Shopping Favorites

71.    Pre-Shopping

72.    Choosing Where To Shop

73.    How To Shop With A Client

74.    Video 2 - 5 Body Shapes

75.    Interactive Exercise - Customer Service

76.    Video 3 Options For Personal Shoppers

Section 4 – Professional Wardrobe and Closet Editing

77.    What is a Wardrobe Stylist?

78.    Edit a Clients Closet

79.    Coordinate Existing Clothing Inventory

80.    Plan Purchase Needs

81.    Plan Ancillary (supplemental) Wardrobe Items

82.    Shop To Build Wardrobe

83.    Audio lecture – what to expect in the initial stages of working with clients

84.    Review criteria for wardrobe edits

85.    Discuss Pre-editing a closet

86.    Editing the closet

87.    Styling the Wardrobe

88.    Optional edits for client 

89.    Wardrobe Stylist Overview:

90.    About Wardrobe Styling

91.    Who the PWS Works With

92.    Jobs for Wardrobe Stylists

93.    Why Clients seek out our help

94.    Survey questions to test student grasp of material covered (not graded). Learning objectives marker. 

95.    Why Edit a Closet?

96.    How to Work With a Variety of Clients

97.    First Consultations

98.    Steps in the Wardrobe Edit Process

99.    Forms You Need to Work with clients

100.Review aspects of the second step in the Wardrobe Edit session:

101.Pre-Editing a Closet

102.Pre-Closet Audit Consultation Completed

103.Instructions to the Client Processed

104.Scheduled Appointment Time Set

105.Your Paperwork Ready (or Completed)

106.Have Closet Analysis Charts and Inventory Lists With You 

107.Analysis of client issues with their wardrobe and clothing attachments.

108.Teach her about style options

109.What’s in her closet

110.Keeping an inventory

111.Caring for Clothes

112.Working with the Male Client

113.Review video - Color, Style, Dress Details and Body Lines.

114.Client data base management

115.Preparing the Shopping trip for new wardrobe items

116.Extended shopping trip for shoes, accessories etc.

117.Shopping for organization items such as hangars, boxes, storage items etc. 

Expected Learning Outcomes for students:

  • The Learning Outcomes for the course combined include over 50 set outcomes students are expected to achieve while in the advanced course. These outcomes are detailed once the student is in the course.

 BONUS Business Start Up Seminar

There are ten parts (10 one hour seminars) to this BONUS course and we will be reviewing each of these crucial start-up steps in depth.  Students are offered tutorial videos within the seminar along with interactive exercises and will be tasked with projects designed to stimulate starting a business today! Participants have 30 days of access to the seminar and can review as many times as needed in that 30 days.

The Student Resources area has helpful tools and resources available to you for use throughout this course.

Grade Scale is standard: Grading Policy – Overall assessment for this course is based on critical writings, discussion question responses, essays, group collaborations and pop quizzes. 

  • 90-100 = A
  • 80-89 = B
  • 70-79 = C
  • 60-69 = D
  • Below 60 = F


1.       Fashion, Image and Style Consulting by Gillian Armour, September 2014, ISBN 978-1502327611

2.       This Business Called Image; An Owner’s Manual by Gillian Armour, CIP Volume 2, 2014 ISBN978-1479183043

3.       Hourglass Body Shape - Guide to Perfect Styling by Gillian Armour, CIP ISBN 9781475031812

4.       Round Body Shape - Guide to Perfect Styling by Gillian Armour, CIP ISBN 9781475101799

5.       Inverted Triangle Body Shape - Guide to Perfect Styling by Gillian Armour, CIP ISBN 9781475090093

6.       Triangle Body Shape - Guide to Perfect Styling by Gillian Armour, CIP ISBN 9781475101966

7.       Rectangle Body Shape - Guide to Perfect Styling by Gillian Armour, CIP ISBN 9781475102048

 Course outcomes:

As a Certified Image Stylist the graduate is expected to achieve a mastery of consulting practices to better service her client base as an image stylist professional.


  • All Basic Image Consulting Forms
  • All Personal Shopper Forms
  • All Wardrobe Consultant Forms
  • All Color Analysis Forms
  • All Business Start Up Forms
  • And More

Graduate Resources

  • Membership in our network of Image Stylist Professionals
  • Free Customizable Forms To Help You In Your New Business
  • This Business Called Image Guide With Step By Step Guidelines For Starting Your Business
  • QR Code Badge Html Snippet To Add To Your Website For Easy Credential Referencing
  • Free Graduate Directory Listing And Personal Web Page With Review/Star Options
  • Access To Global Image And Style Networking Groups
  • Updated Daily News And RSS Fashion Feeds
  • Monthly Industry News Blasts
  • Ongoing Mentorship And Support
  • Image Tools To Help You Grow Your Business
  • Royalty Free Image And Fashion Photographs (discounted price for graduates)
  • Royalty Free Power Point Seminars With Student And Presenter Manuals (discounted price for graduates)
  • First Notifications For Events, Special Prices, New Courses
  • Access to Free Webinars
  • Notification of New Seminars

 Credits and Certification

Accreditation Details

*CEU’s are NOT required in order to operate a consulting practice but are awarded as evidence of completion. Final certifications and reports will state the student’s name, course of study and CEU’s, ILU’s and Training Hours earned.

FSI CEU’s – FSI is a continuing education training institute and as such can offer Continuing Education Units. FSI CEU’s are awarded based on the following grade scale A through B = 80% to 100% score and the following achievements: Completion of all training modules, quizzes, final certification exam, discussion group participation, learning objectives, training objectives, feedback, evaluation and testimonial.

One CEU equals ten contact training hours. FSI learner training hours are recorded within the learning portal. Students and administrators have access to these reports at all times.

CEUs were created as a way to document education and training in specifically developed activities for adult learners in a variety of disciplines. One CEU is defined as “10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction.”

FSI created its CEU program based on the fundamentals set down by I.A.C.E.T. (the standard for continuing education credits).  FSI’s instructional programs seek to enrich graduate’s knowledge, improve their skills, and develop their business opportunities. FSI training also adheres to the core competencies for image study set down by major image associations. These core competencies are noted in each course introduction.

I.L.U. = FSI is an authorized ILU awarding entity.  FSI awards ALL graduates International Learning Units. The ILU is the standard awarding unit for all professional/ certificate based online courses. The ILU teaches to the objectives of the course and hence the student achieves professional knowledge and is tested for this achievement and to earn certification status.

In order to earn ILU’S students must achieve all learning objectives listed, pass a final exam with an 80% score, complete all essays, pop quizzes, contribute to discussions and demonstrate appropriate verbal and written etiquette. The competencies for earning this award are detailed within the course portal on the students account. One ILU is equal to ten hours of recorded training time.

TH (Training Hours) = this course awards training hours. Training hours can be used to record achievement for required documentation for higher career certifications. Graduates of this course are provided with an officially documented tally of their training, study and online time participation.

Earning CEU’s is not a requirement for studying with FSI, however, learners who need CEU’s in order to fulfill other educational requirements (advanced applications for example) will need to complete their own associations approval prior to CEU awarding by FSI. Contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding CEU’s.

Badge Program

All graduates of FSI receive an online education digital badge upon graduation. This digital badge indicates they have achieved education from a Certified Education Credit and Training Hour Awarding Course. Digital badges are recognized as proof that students have successfully completed disciplines in online fashion education and have passed final exams that qualify them to train and work in their badge title discipline. FSI digital badges are embedded with code custom to the student’s achievements. When placed on your website (or other templates) these badges direct your potential employers, clients or school admins to your certification skill set.

*Only those graduates with registered IP addresses and complete course results are eligible to use this digital badge. Students successfully completing requirements for certification will be sent access to links for posting their badge upon course close. Clients seeking confirmation of legitimate badge use and graduate details can contact us at any time. We act as a powerful referral and resource network for our graduates and other professionals. Students are encouraged to list their websites, blogs and professional credentials with us at no charge.

 Certification: learners completing all course expectations and objectives successfully are awarded PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION from Fashion Stylist Institute.

For more detailed questions regarding the course process you can also visit our F.A.Q. forum:



Graduate feedback about this course: 

I loved this course - it was everything I had been looking for in an online image training course. There was so much material covered and Im glad I had the option of studying when I could. As a new Mom I am so busy and this course helped me study at strange hours! Thank you to my instructor - Jan for all the help. I never felt alone and there was always an instructor online to help me (even with the technical issue I had!). I would recommend this! AnnaBelinda, Blogger and Certified Image Stylist Professional, USA


An online program to train in Image Consulting – can that work? For my experience, it worked out perfectly: I found this program to be very professional (both for the content and the technical realization), straight-to-the-point, well structured – and modern. I never waited long for an answer on a question or the feedback on any of the assignments. Although there would have been courses closer to the place where I live, I decided for the FSI online course for two major reasons: A) The potential to book additional on-campus training and B) to take the course at an individual speed: I gave myself plenty of time and went on to read more about specific topics, train and test in my own closet and to check out useful online resources. I went out on “expedition” and talked to people. I wasn’t interested in a fast, but rather in a thorough education. I believe this will contribute to a higher quality in my work. I feel this course provided me with a solid and professional framework to consult with clients. It was a lot of fun, too! Best regards, Ulrike (Certified Image Stylist Professional, Germany)


"This has been an enjoyable and informative learning journey. Fashion has been an essential part of my life where I helped choosing styles for my family and friends by pure instinct. The course however, taught me the art and science of image consulting to professionally help others feeling better about themselves. The course was packed with relevant knowledge, principles and techniques to guide me into structuring an exciting carrier opportunity. I have learned about the three aspects of Image Consulting: Appearance, Behavior and Communication Skills. Thank you Marg for promptly grading my assignments, responding to my emails and encouraging replies & comments. A big thank you for Gillian for pouring your heart out in this course. I felt like I was learning Fashion through your eyes and through your real life experiences as it was manifested in every sentence and every graphic. Genuinely put and intelligently organized summary. I benefited a lot. Chapeau Bas, you’re one of a kind! Sincerely, Marlene (Certified Image Stylist Professional, USA)

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