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Certified Makeup Consultant


Makeup Artists Create Beautiful Looks, Become One Today!


Train to be a Certified Makeup Consultant

"I love the 24/7 access to course work, the easy-to-follow video modules, the extensive downloadable library, and the ability to work at my own pace.

Most successful makeovers happen when a client’s face is fierce. Learning how to apply makeup puts a consultant into the next level of consulting. Whether you are studying to increase your service offerings to clients or starting your own business as a makeup consultant this course prepares you for a very exciting career.

We at FSI train our consultants to have a business of their own, to be able to provide services to clients and to earn more money. If you are ready to be in business and offering full face make-overs then enroll today. What you learn in this course should bring you years of rewarding experiences. The transformations you help make in your client’s lives will be remembered by them forever. 


Online course is open to the student 24 hours per day. The course duration is up to 12 weeks and the student can start as soon as they register and purchase. The course can be completed at the students pace. Students have access to forums, groups, wikis, social media, resources and materials at all times. This course is fully interactive, with video training, audio/video portals and e-learning based protocols. There are no DVD’s or CD’s to ship, no messy downloads. Everything you need is contained in the course.

The following is a basic topic Overview of the interactive video tutorials in this course. Course includes audio, video, interactions, mini-quizzes, exercises and exams:


Students are oriented to the online portal, their discussion groups, friend requests and instructor contacts. In this introduction we review the objectives for this course, about the beauty industry and global trends in makeup, licenses, career options for the skilled makeup consultant, online portfolio examples, additional links are provided for you to explore ideas and resources such as key definitions, the evolution of makeup. Includes text, slide notes and workbook.

"The value of your courses are well worth the investment!


Before we get to the HOW of makeup application let’s take a look at skin basics. In Part 1 we begin reviewing the skin, its underlying components of the dermis, bone and muscle structure; complexion color and skin types to give the student the understanding of the basic foundation of the structure of the face.

·         Review the structure of the skin:

·         Review facial analysis with the client

·         Describe the structure & composition of the skin layers

·         Learn facial bone structure

·         Review the 14 main bones of the face

·         Discover the 7 main muscles of the face and their purpose

·         Discover your underlying bone structure – self exam assignment

·         Review concepts of undertone in skin coloring

·         Surface tones and textures of the skin

·         The four main skin conditions - dry, oily, normal and combination

·         The structure of the skin

·         The structure of a skin cell

·         The structure of the epidermis and dermis layers

·         The papillary and reticular layers


In Part 2 Complexion and Skin Coloring we look at the skin and its properties, review color theory, the color wheel, skin color, undertone and warm and cool temperature. Students discover how to use online apps to determine inherent color.

·         Understand what complexion is

·         Review skin coloring and the Luschan scale of global skin tones

·         Define hair coloring

·         Summarize basic eye colors

·         Creating a personal palette of colors

·         Analyzing inherent eye color

·         Review of color theory

·         Understand the color wheel

·         Describe warm and cool skin tone

·         Examine RGB color mixing

·         Demonstrate using paint mixing to create skin tones

·       Operate the online app to determine skin temperature and makeup palettes

 Projects, essays and quizzes included to test learner on techniques. All materials provided for testing.


In Part 3 lessons include: how to prepare for the consultation process with tools and intake forms and consultation process does and don’ts.

·         Review preparing your station

·         Define tools needed for skin cleansing and makeup application

·         Review list all makeup products to purchase

·         Define the 15 brush types and uses

·         Determine other supplies needed from forms to kits and bags

·         Review sanitation and cleanliness procedures

·         Discuss your image and representation

·         Understand effective communication style

·         Define a consulting style - intimate, warm and friendly.

·         Evaluate the client’s makeup style

·         Six steps of facial cleansing

·         Detail the pre-consultation evaluation and intake steps with the client

Projects, essays and quizzes included to test learner on techniques. All materials provided for testing.


In the Face Shape and Hairstyles Module the goal is to teach you how to identify various facial shapes to find hairstyles that flatter each shape. Includes text, slide notes and workbook. In this module students learn:

·         Facial shape basics

·         Measuring accurately

·         Photo and record

·         Variations in face shapes

·         About curved facial shapes

·         About angled facial shapes

·         Body lines

·         Scale of features

·         Shapes of features

·         Mature style

·         Hair styles and lines

·         Match to face shape

·         Styling rules


Part 4 we review all the steps of the classic ten steps of makeup application and how to camouflage or enhance features on the clients face. In the hair and face shape tutorial students learn all the facial shapes and how to identify each one. Hairstyles to flatter those shapes was also reviewed. Over 40 videos support each step with instructor demonstrating intricate procedures for each step.

·         Review taking before and after photos

·         Demonstrate having handouts ready to give to client

·         Review the 3 concealer colors and what they conceal

·         Examine Step One:  how to apply concealer (3 Videos and instructions)

·         Examine Step Two: how to apply foundation (3 Videos and instructions)

·         Examine Step Three: how to apply powder (5 Videos and instructions)

·         Examine Step Four: how to apply blush (4 Videos and instructions)

·         Examine Step Five: how to shape the eyebrows (6 Videos and instructions)

·         Examine Step Six: how to apply eyeshadow (8 Videos and instructions)

·         Examine Step Seven: how to apply eyeliner (8 Videos and instructions)

·         Examine Step Eight: how to apply mascara (5 Videos and instructions)

·         Examine Step Nine: how to apply lip-liner (3 Videos and instructions)

·         Examine Step Ten: how to apply lipstick (3 Videos and instructions)

·         Discuss cleaning up after the application

·         Review checking your work and finishing touches to the client’s head and look

·         Present taking an after photo

Projects, essays and quizzes included to test learner on techniques. All materials provided for testing.


Then in Part 5 - how to highlight and contour and change the shape of features (lips, eyes, nose etc.).

·         How to identify the basic face shapes and that the oval shape has artistically ideal proportions and features.

·         Understand vertical and horizontal proportion in face shape analysis

·         Review corrective makeup, shadowing, contouring, highlighting and lowlighting, so we can create the illusion of oval for almost any face shape

·         Demonstrate contouring the face through shadowing and highlighting, and minimize facial features that are unflattering

·         Understand eye shape and how to correct misshaped eyes

·         Review lip shape and how to correct misshaped lips

·         How to use corrective makeup procedures to re-shape a face

·         How to use corrective makeup procedures to re-shape a forehead

·         How to use corrective makeup procedures to re-shape a chin and neck

·         Tools you will need

·         Tip Sheets

Projects, essays and quizzes included to test learner on techniques. All materials provided for testing.


In Part 6 of the course special new techniques for applying makeup are detailed - from the fast five- minute look to the smoky eye.

·         Understand Bridal Makeup

·         Learn technique for Barely-There Application

·         Learn technique for Natural Makeup Look

·         Learn technique for Fast Five Minute Makeup

·         Learn technique for Evening Out Look

·         Learn technique for Smokey Eye techniques

·         Learn technique for Bronzed and Sunny makeup

·         Learn technique for Striking Contour and Dramatic Looks

·         Discover ten steps in eyelash application

·         Learn about false eyelashes

·         Review how to apply single and band lashes

·         Detail the tools you will need

·         How to remove eyelashes safely

Projects, essays and quizzes included to test learner on techniques. All materials provided for testing.


"The Makeup Consultant Certification course was amazing. In spite that it's online I felt as if I attended the school face-to-face."

In Part 7 we review special populations from young skin to mature and how to apply makeup to suit these age groups.

·         To review the makeup tips for every age group

·         Grooming review

·         Skin care basics for young and mature

·         Makeup looks for mature women

·         How to correct eyebrow shapes for the mature woman

·         How to correct lipstick shapes for the mature woman

·         Examples of before and after mature makeup client’s


In Part 8 we take an in depth look at the many ways you can earn money - from direct sales marketing a makeup line to stocking your own studio. We review the need for an online portfolio and:

·         What happens at the end of the makeup consultation

·         Have the client try on the makeup herself

·         Video recap of all ten steps in the classic makeup application

·         The importance of taking before and after photos

·         Review any worksheets with the client

·         How to introduce your product range

·         Why schedule a follow up or another appointment (for shopping to a makeup counter)

·         Clean Up and Sanitization Steps

·         Assess your session/ evaluate yourself

and finally in Part 9 we take a look at the finer points of setting up your business - from the design of your space to your product line, stocking up and setting up. Along the way you gain access to important resources, links to additional knowledge, websites and tools. And, we set you up further for success with an extensive bonus business course after you have completed this one.

·         Review of your work space

·         Discuss earning potential and fees to charge for the makeup consultant

·         Detail setting up your portfolio and using it in your consults

·         Review an online makeup artist’s portfolio

·         Complete a video review of a makeup stylist and team as they travel the world

·         Explore various ways to sell product from direct sales to sales repping

·         Examine stocking your studio with quality product


Your Face Kit

All USA students receive an all-in-one complete makeup kit valued at $69.99. Off shore students please note that the cost of shipping is prohibitive and often exceeds the value of the kit. You will be instructed in the course on completing your own kit.

This kit is to be used in your final project when you will be asked to complete the steps of a makeup application. You will have a choice of completing the makeup color application on your face or on a makeup chart provided.

PRODUCTS INCLUDED IN YOUR FACE KIT to complete your final project:

1.      12 Pigmented Eye Shadows (Neutrals in Matte and Shine Finishes)

2.      12 Pigmented Eye Shadows (Bright’s in Matte and Shine Finishes)

3.      12 Pigmented Eye Shadows Jewel (Dark Shades in Matte and Shine Finishes)

4.      Two Pencil Eye Liners (Black and Brown)

5.      One Liquid Eye Liner (Black)

6.      Three Dual Lip and Blush Creams in Baby Pink, Choral, And Hot Pink          

7.      Pink Blush Face Powders for Light Complexions  

8.      12 Pigmented Lipsticks of Different Opacities

9.      One clear finishing lip gloss

10.  Three Dual Ended Eye Shadow Sponge Applicators

11.  Two Synthetic Blush Brush Applicators

12.  5 Single Use Hand Palettes

13.  One Dual Ended Brow Bristle Brush and Comb

14.  3 Extra Dual Sponge Tip Eyeshadow Applicators

15.  3 Mini Spoon Spatulas

16.  3 Lip Gloss Sponge Tip Applicators

17.  3 Extra Disposable Brush Tip Applicators

18.  3 Extra Disposable Eye Liner Applicators

19.  3 Cotton Pad Applicators

20.  1 Sponge Blender

21.  One Stainless Steel Palette for Mixing Colors


There are ten parts (10 one hour seminars) to this BONUS course and we will be reviewing each of these crucial start-up steps in depth.  Students are offered tutorial videos within the seminar along with interactive exercises and will be tasked with projects designed to stimulate starting a business today! Participants have 30 days of access to the seminar and can review as many times as needed in that 30 days.

1.  Introduction
2. Getting to Know Your Image Business
3. Legal Basics
4. Marketing + Promotion
5. Branding + Logo, Image, Name
6. What Do I Charge?
7. Your Online Marketing Toolbox
8. Build a Successful Business (your services, speaking, customer service skills)
9. Creative Promoting
10. Business Start Up Info


In addition to knowledge of the Professional Makeup Consultation Steps the stated learning objectives for this course include the following. There is not a limit to what the student learns and these objectives are a view of the skills instructors are teaching to students:

·         Review the structure of the skin

·         Describe the structure & composition of the skin

·         Learn bone structure

·         Review concepts of undertone

·         Develop knowledge of skin coloring

·         Understand color analysis

·         Review makeup color choices

·         Describe the color wheel

·         Develop understanding of facial shapes and the hairstyles that flatter them

·         Learn the ten steps of the makeup application consultation

·         Watch demonstrations and videos on makeup application

·         Review shading and contouring techniques

·         Learn how to apply makeup for special occasions

·         Define grooming basics

·         Gain knowledge of skin problems, skin care and skin basics

·         Understand mature skin and mature makeup application


 ·         A 20 Page Makeup Guide To Give To Your Clients

·         Confidential Client Intake Form

·         Online Skin Type Analysis

·         Face Maps And Makeup Palettes

·         Facial Shape Analysis Forms

·         Palette Tester Page

·         Brush Shopping List

·         Tools Shopping List

·         Equipment Shopping List


Grading Policy – Overall assessment for this course is based on critical writings, discussion question responses, essays, group collaborations and pop quizzes. Certification and units awarded for grade passing 85% and based on cumulative GPA. Final project “Face Kit” counts for 20% of your final grade.

  • 90-100 = A

  • 80-89 = B

  • 70-79 = C

  • 60-69 = D

  • Below 60 = F


429 Page, Full Color Makeup Consultation Workbook + Student Study Guide, ISBN-13:978-1530805723

10 Student Workbooks with detailed procedural steps, illustrations, photographs, slide notes with room for student note taking.


All materials are included in the cost of the course.

·         Student/ Course Professional Training Manual

·         Wholesale Private Label Makeup Catalog To Create Your Own Brand

·         Wholesale Makeup Tools Catalog For Professional Beauty Supplies That Details Everything You May Need From Applicators To Packaging To Apparel

·         Client Workbook And Forms

·         Your Fee’s Worksheet

·         Client Invoice Template

·         Monthly Income Template

·         Client Needs Analysis Form

·         Image Consultation Survey Forms

·         Introduction Letter To Prospective Clients

·         More added weekly!


  • Free Customizable Forms To Help You In Your New Business

  • QR Code Badge Html Snippet To Add To Your Website For Easy Credential Referencing

  • Free Graduate Directory Listing And Personal Web Page With Review/Star Options

  • Ongoing Access To Global Image And Style Networking Groups

  • Updated Daily News And RSS Fashion Feeds

  • Monthly Industry News Blasts

  • Ongoing Mentorship And Support

  • Image Tools To Help You Grow Your Business

  • First Notifications For Events, Special Prices, New Courses

  • Access to Free Webinars

  • Notification of New Seminars


*CEU’s are NOT required in order to operate a consulting practice but are awarded as evidence of completion. Final certifications and reports will state the student’s name, course of study and CEU’s, ILU’s and Training Hours earned.

FSI CEU’s – FSI is a continuing education training institute and as such can offer Continuing Education Units. FSI CEU’s are awarded based on the following grade scale A through B = 80% to 100% score and the following achievements: Completion of all training modules, quizzes, final certification exam, discussion group participation, learning objectives, training objectives, feedback, evaluation and testimonial.

AICI CEU's As an authorized CEU Provider, AICI has approved this program/course for 2.5 CEU. Earning CEUs is not a requirement of general membership with AICI. However, if you are currently certified through AICI with CIC, CIP or CIM then you must earn CEUs to retain certification. To earn CEU’s students must successfully complete a 10 STEP MAKEUP APPLICATION FINAL PROJECT with a passing score or 80% or higher, complete two written essays and one course evaluation.  Students must also complete the supplied Participant Training Evaluation form at the end of this program. You may not submit this form at a later date. Please note that this course is a training approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification, earned through the trainer upon completion of this course, is entirely independent from AICI’s professional certification programs. (If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website at http://www.aici.org/)

One CEU equals ten contact training hours. FSI learner training hours are recorded within the learning portal. Students and administrators have access to these reports at all times.

CEUs were created as a way to document education and training in specifically developed activities for adult learners in a variety of disciplines. One CEU is defined as “10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction.”

FSI created its CEU program based on the fundamentals set down by L.E.R.N.  FSI’s instructional programs seek to enrich graduate’s knowledge, improve their skills, and develop their business opportunities. FSI training also adheres to the core competencies for image study set down by major image associations. These core competencies are noted in each course introduction.

I.L.U. = FSI is an authorized ILU (Internet Learning Unit) awarding entity from LERN.org.  FSI awards ALL graduates International Learning Units. The ILU is the standard awarding unit for all professional/ certificate based online courses. The ILU teaches to the objectives of the course and hence the student achieves professional knowledge and is tested for this achievement and to earn certification status.

In order to earn ILU’S students must achieve all learning objectives listed, pass a final exam with an 80% score, complete all essays, pop quizzes, contribute to discussions and demonstrate appropriate verbal and written etiquette. The competencies for earning this award are detailed within the course portal on the students account. One ILU is equal to ten hours of recorded training time.

TH (Training Hours) = this course awards training hours. Training hours can be used to record achievement for required documentation for higher career certifications. Graduates of this course are provided with an officially documented tally of their training, study and online time participation.

Earning CEU’s is not a requirement for studying with FSI, however, learners who need CEU’s in order to fulfill other educational requirements (advanced applications for example) will need to complete their own associations approval prior to CEU awarding by FSI. Contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding CEU’s.


All graduates of FSI receive an online education digital badge upon graduation. This digital badge indicates they have achieved education from a Certified Education Credit and Training Hour Awarding Course. Digital badges are recognized as proof that students have successfully completed disciplines in online fashion education and have passed final exams that qualify them to train and work in their badge title discipline. FSI digital badges are embedded with code custom to the student’s achievements. When placed on your website (or other templates) these badges direct your potential employers, clients or school admins to your certification skill set.

*Only those graduates with registered IP addresses and complete course results are eligible to use this digital badge. Students successfully completing requirements for certification will be sent access to links for posting their badge upon course close. Clients seeking confirmation of legitimate badge use and graduate details can contact us at any time. We act as a powerful referral and resource network for our graduates and other professionals. Students are encouraged to list their websites, blogs and professional credentials with us at no charge.

Certification: learners completing all course expectations and objectives successfully are awarded PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION from Fashion Stylist Institute- the global leader in online fashion, style and image training.



View The Course Demo Video:

“This is my fourth time to learn from you and your school. I know that your courses are always effective and there are a lot of things that I can get. I studied in your school for the first time in 2009. It was a face-to-face course and I really like your method and your personalty. I took two online courses in 2013 and this year, 2017, I finished Makeup Consultant online course. Though they were a bit challenging, I totally enjoyed all of them.

The Makeup Consultant Certification course was amazing. In spite of that it's online but I felt as if I attended the school face-to-face. The video lecture was easy to understand and I got a lot of materials which are really effective. The course is not only educational but also very practical. I could learn not only the technique but also a lot of business ideas that I can adapt to my business. You are not only a teacher but also a great mentor. I feel that my image consulting business has become more and more successful after I took your courses. I'll do my best and make use of the knowledge that I learned from you. Your courses always have value in them; not only for me but also to my clients. Thank you for providing an amazing course. I look forward to learning again with you soon!” Best Regards, Akiko T.

 “I can't thank you enough for your professional courses. They are more than what I expected either MAKEUP CONSULTANT COURSE or COLOR CONSULTANT COURSE which I studied before. They are the best courses that I have taken in fashion and style field. They are the best investment as well for anyone to help them succeed in this field. The knowledge and experiences I gained from MAKEUP CONSULTANT COURSE helped me more than how to wear makeup. I didn't anticipate how comprehensive it is. It didn't only have information on How To Be Makeup Artist, but much more. It is like a Master Level Course. This course helped me open my mind on, how to analyze any facial features, which makeup colors I can choose for my clients, which makeup style suit my client's personal style, determining skin conditions and which product to use, what hair style would suit any facial shape, how to set up my work station and how to arrange my tools, how can I collect my tools from different resources, how can I prove myself in this career, and many more. I acquired all the knowledge and important information that gave me confidence to start my new journey to be a professional makeup consultant. Your professional method in lecturing, assignment, and feedback, that are empowering and enthusiastic, cannot be overlooked as well. Ms. Armour, you are very professional with what you do and I'm so lucky to come across your courses which helped me to illuminate my path. Last but not least, I will definitely return to take other courses and to complete my journey with your guidance. Basically, achieve my dream through your professionalism. As a Certified Makeup Consultant now, I will work on myself even more to gain more experiences as soon as possible and begin to delve deeper into style courses, because my dream is to be an " International Image Consultant". Thank you so much for everything.”   SAHAR Y.

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