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Master Image Consultant Course

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Take Your Business to the Advanced Level - Become a Master!

Are you ready to Master a new skill? Improve your existing image or fashion consulting business?

This is FSI's newest, biggest and most demanded course and we are excited to be offering it at an entry level price. If you can commit to online learning at the master level for six* months then this course is for you. *many students complete in less time

Master level instructional video, audio and interactive lessons train you on how to craft best images for personal, executive, celebrity and famous clients. Learn about visual presentation in all its forms from visual to non-verbal to psychological. Be informed about methods of presentation and the meaning of color in appearance. Learn and implement the techniques, skills and knowledge that master level consultants require to perform consultations and give advice to paying clientele.  Receive extensive reviews of fashion, fashion design, the fashion industry and the relationship of these to client consulting. Lessons include in-depth reviews of the client, (both personal and professional levels), the steps of professional style, color, shopping, wardrobe, non-verbal communication AND visual branding consultations and then discover how to add optional services to further grow your business. Entire course is structured to prepare a consultant for master level client services and there is also a bonus business start up course included.

Online course is open to the student 24 hours per day. The course duration is up to 24 weeks (six months) and the student can start as soon as they register and purchase. The course can be completed at the student’s pace. Students have access to forums, groups, wikis, social media, resources and materials always. The course offers 4 CEU’s and Professional Certification. The minimum hours on line requirement is therefore 40 hours. This is achievable and most master students far exceed this requirement.

The following is a basic topic Overview of the interactive video tutorials in this course. Course includes audio, video, interactions, mini-quizzes, exercises and exams:

1.       About the Course and Online Learning

2.       How to Navigate the Online Course

3.       Course Requirements and CEU Statements 

Module: Master level instructional video, audio and interactive lessons introduce the learner to the elements and principles of image consulting. Outlines the techniques, skills and knowledge a master consultant needs to perform consultations and give advice to paying clientele. Extensive review of fashion, fashion design, the fashion industry and the relationship of these to client consulting. Lessons include in-depth reviews of the client, both personal and professional levels, the steps of the professional consultation, adding optional services and growing your business. Entire course is structured to prepare a consultant for master level client services.

 First Nine Modules Include the Following:

4.       Intro to Fashion Training and Design Basics 101

5.       Intro to Fashion Design Theory, Methods and Principles

6.       Intro to Textiles

7.       Intro to The History of Image Consulting

8.       Intro to Fashion Today 

9.       Consulting Basics

10.    Professional Client Analysis Steps

11.    Socio-Psychological Influences of Fashion on the Consumer

12.    Cultural Influences of Fashion and Style

13.    Physical Influences of Fashion and Style

14.    Fashion Design Elements -Space, Shape, Form and Line

15.    Fashion Design Elements - Color Studies

16.    Fashion Design Elements - Texture, Fabric, Terminology

17.    Fashion Design Principles – Golden Means

18.    Balance, Proportion, Emphasis, Rhythm, Unity

19.    Clothing Fit, Tailoring and Styling

20.    Wardrobe Strategies Introduction

21.    How to Style - Audio/Video Modules

22.    How to Balance Figure Shapes - Audio/Video Modules

23.    How to Measure - Audio/Video Modules

24.    Image Skills & Talents to Refine and Practice

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“I thank you for providing the missing piece to create a professional image consultant out of me, and make me feel like the champion I always knew I can be.” Timi (Certified Master Image Consultant, Israel)

Section 1 – Visual Branding - how to craft an individual brand message and a signature look, how to evolve a style personality, how to manage wardrobe choices accordingly, and how to ensure proper fit and styling for a consistent and appropriate public image.

Section 2: Mastering Visual Style Personality and Brand Messages

Review concepts of visual style definition, Understand the need for a visual image and brand message, Identify importance of visual image and style to clients, Prepare consultation session with clients, Practice ten steps of the visual style consultation, Administer style quiz and identification of clothing message, Review the benefits of identifying a style personality, Understand the attributes of basic personality types, Find a signature style name for the client, Create a style collage for oneself, Identify all ten of the dominant and modern visual style types.

Section 3: Visual Style Personality Quiz Tutorial

Prepare Style Quiz in consultation with clients, Administer multiple client quizzes, Identify authentic image versus perceived image, Process client goals for appearance needs, Review hairstyle examples, Review makeup examples, Review lifestyle clothing examples, Determine ten distinct style themes for individual clothing personality, Identify each distinct personality and its back story, color jewelry, accessory, shoe, makeup and hair style, Complete the identification and analysis feedback process.

Section 4: Visual Image Spectrum Audio Video

Describe Six modern images (Power, Creative, Conservative, Appropriate, Gentle, Feminine), Outline visual image spectrum options for clients, Process correct identification for individual client style, Review the style directives and clothing coordinates for each image message, Review categories of modern style options and sub-categories of themed dressing.

Section 5: The Psychological Messages of Colors

Color Studies: learn colors on the modern color wheel to discover positive, negative and psychological messages in apparel color choices. Understanding color names and the color wheel organization, Review the psychological meaning of 22 popular clothing colors, determine client’s favorite colors and guide her toward appropriate messaging, Understand both the negative and positive messages of clothing colors.

Section 6: How to Measure, Fit and Proportion

Instructor led video demonstrating principles of proportion, fit, cut, tailoring, styling.  Steps for creating a visually perfect outfit, the Golden Mean in fashion coordination and harmony of design. Students learn important concepts of proportioning clothing, matching hairstyles to facial shape, fit principles and focal points. The ABC’s of the client measurement session are reviewed in this course section.

Section 7: How to Coordinate, Mix and Match Fashion

Master class in styling - how to coordinate fashion combinations of print, texture, pattern and color. Includes video instructions and tutorials on combining three, four and more prints and patterns to achieve "high styling" mastery. 133-page manual is included "How to Coordinate Fashion"

Section 8: Learn to Digitally Collage for Clients

Digital collage work is an art form and one that can be integrated into the work a stylist consultant does with clients. Learn to assemble outfits that tell a story to visually explain the principles of fashion and clothing coordination, create sets, plan modular dressing, travel planners and more.

Section 9: How to Identify Facial Shape and Hairstyles

How to measure, determine and verify the correct facial shape. Then discover how to choose appropriate hairstyles for each facial shape. Video tutorials teach how to identify “lines” in facial features, determine scale of facial proportions that influence hair style. Quiz practice included.

Section 10: Non-verbal Communication (body language) Class

Training module for Non-Verbal Communication consultations. This session reviews how to process a professional non-verbal communication session with clients utilizing over 35 message points on image, manners, etiquette, style, posture and more. Students learn the importance of this messaging system in modern culture and work environments. Built in quizzes review essential, non-verbal messaging and communication challenges clients may or may not be aware of.

Section 11 - Color Analysis Training

Section 12 – Professional Wardrobe and Closet Editing

Section 13 – Professional Personal Shopping…and more

For the remaining course modules and full descriptions download the curriculum at this link:

Free Download Curriculum for the Image Consultant Master Certification Course