Fashion Stylist Institute Reviews

Our students love our courses and we love their reviews. Here are a few (from over 3000) examples of what our successful grads have to say about their e-learning experience with Fashion Image/ Stylist Institutes. 

RECENT Reviews:

What you teach students in your course is not just “head” knowledge, it’s practical skill that I can apply and use. That’s what makes the course so valuable to me.
— Beth, Certified Image Consultant, USA
I can confirm that FSI is a reputable and affordable institute to learn from, with a high level of education and training in the image industry.
— Kareline, Certified Image Consulant
There was not any stressful due dates to pay attention to and I was still able to receive feedback on my work from an instructor. Online schooling often misses the interaction component and this institute really hit this on the mark with an even mix of both styles.
— Magdalene, Certified Men's Image Consultant
The instructors have been particularly knowledgeable and helpful in delivery and support of the class information and they are readily available for questions and feedback.
— Natasha, Certified Image Stylist Professional
You are truly a blessing for providing quality and affordable training online to help others.
— Annelle, Certified Image Consultant
Being a professional teacher and coach and having the previous experience of taking certified courses provided by the well-known and reputable universities and schools all around the world on various online educational platforms, I was highly critical. There are too many good points to list!
— Svitlana, Certified Men's Image Consultant

2018 Reviews (a few of the many)

“The Certified Image Consultant (CIC) course greatly EXCEEDED my expectations! The detailed syllabus, modules & assignments allow for practical application of the principles learnt, and serves as a solid foundation to the world of Image Consulting. I also really appreciated the positive feedback from the Instructors/ Consultants on my assignments - that was invaluable. The fashion resources, manuals and literature provided are added Bonuses. My only regret is that I didn't pursue this course sooner.  A HUGE Thank You to you and the FSI team for assisting with my dream career!” Warm Regards, Janelle, Certified Image Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago

“This has been the most exciting and rewarding experience I have had with The Fashion Style Institute.  The modules were extremely helpful.  I feel after this course that I am going to be able to serve my clients well because of how the information was presented. I liked the encouragement through out the course and the repetition is so helpful for someone like me who needs that.  All the down loaded material makes me feel confident that I can go back and look to find solutions when needed or confirm I'm on the right track.  Everyday that I logged on to start class was a day of excitement because I was getting educated through online classes and made me feel proud of my decision to become a Certified Fashion Stylist. This course confirmed that I am meant to be exactly where I am by serving others and enjoying fashion at the same time.  Thank you so much for offering your school through online.  I am ready to get more education through FSI and to begin my amazing journey to style the people!  Look out here I come!! Thank you so much!” Mercedes, Certified Fashion Stylist, USA

“This has been a great experience. The instructors have been particularly knowledgeable and helpful in delivery and support of the class information and they are readily available for questions and feedback. I searched and searched online for a course that would give me the tools to start my Image/Styling Consulting service.  “I was looking for an online program that fit into my busy schedule, so working full time and sitting in a class in the evenings wasn’t going to work for me. I wanted a reputable program and found Fashion Stylist Institute to be exactly what I was looking for!” Natasha, Certified Image Stylist Professional, USA

“Before enrolling to this course, I surfed to many institutes, honestly, I chosen the fsi institute regarding its affordable price. BUT when I started taking the course learning too much information but in a very detailed way. Reading the teachers comments I felt am attending a real class, talking to real people! FSI and the image consultant course is the best decision I took in 2018. Regarding the course you are able to learn every single information from A to Z even more in a very professional way. Plus, everything in the institute is available especially the tools in a very affordable price with respect to the market. Really everything is different after taking this course the way you look on the body shape, the way the person standing in front of you plus they'll keep you up-to-date with what's going outside the world regarding the fashion, trends etc. Really, I would like to thank you for every information you taught me in this course looking forward to starting another course with your institute. Now am more confident and readier to practice them in the real world.” Best regards, Rana (Certified Image Consultant, USA)

“Thank you for the fantastic opportunity of obtaining my Men’s Image Consultant Certification at the Fashion Stylist Institute. I truly enjoyed the breakdown of the body type concept because it allowed me to understand why some pieces can look more flattering on a man than others. I found that I was able to use these terms in my day to day conversations with my clients while they gained more confidence in my competency. Additionally, I found the emphasis on the focus of the client’s needs and wants to be incredibly crucial and often missed with other stylists. The stylization of a client is about their personality, not about yours. Having the opportunity to complete the course at my own pace was beneficial because I am in both retail and school full time. There was not any stressful due dates to pay attention to and I was still able to receive feedback on my work from an instructor. Online schooling often misses the interaction component and this institute really hit this on the mark with an even mix of both styles. Thank you again for this fantastic opportunity (and now my accomplishment).” Magdalene, Certified Men’s Image Consultant

“The Certified Image Consultant course is a must-have for anyone who wants to become an Image Consultant. It's very well structured, with lots of easy to understand information. Explanations are clear and focused and teachers are always there for you. Every module is well organized and I must admit that, once I completed the course, I spent a great deal of hours in order to see videos and slides again with real devotion. Helping tools and materials and all other resources are very useful not only during the course but mostly when it's completed, when I'll actually start working. Very much appreciated was your attention not only in revealing the mysteries and secrets of this job but also those fine details that create and sustain my image as a professionist in front of clients. Thank you all for this great quality course. Knowledge and skills acquired here make me fully confident that I'll become a successful Image Consultant!” Best regards, Silvia Mihaela (Certified Image Consultant, Italy)

“I wanted to enrol in a course like this to gain more knowledge and confidence in my skills. And I got it with the Image Consultant course, which will allow me to jump start my career. It's an affordable and nice course. The information provided and the exams are very practical and can be applied right away. The teaching method is good, the slides are well constructed and every tutorial or step-by-step are clear and well explained. The tools and the materials included (ebooks, sheets and forms) are nice tools to complement the course and for future reference. With no doubt, I will use these tools to support me in my job. Additionally, I want to say that the team was very nice and kind. They always respond to the messages in almost no time and they are always available for help. Thank you for helping me jump start my career with more knowledge and confidence.” Best Regards, Rita G. (Certified Image Consultant, Portugal)

“Dear Ms. Armour,  I have had in the back of my mind for some years now to study image consulting so I can transition out of the corporate world into my own business to help women get focused on their personal brand so they can look and feel confident, polished and professional. When I found your company through the AICI web site and learned I could take courses online, I was elated. It was a program I could do at home, at my own pace and really take the time to absorb the material.

Conducting interviews over the years, I know how important the right professional look is to the companies I have represented. Many times I wished I could have told an applicant their resume was great, their background and experience was excellent but the image they were presenting was not at the level the company was looking for and why was the effort not put forth in this area as well. It is important! As the job market becomes more competitive, it is an area that individuals are going to need to embrace just as they have their education and work experience.

This course was more than I imagined. It forced me to think, observe and learn material that hadn't even occurred to me would be part of the curriculum. I feel my learning curve has just begun and I am hungry for more. I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course online. Peoples lives are fast paced and complicated and even educational opportunities have to evolve to accommodate the way we are living today. My hat is off to Ms. Armour for creating this online platform for learning in this field. Thank you for this opportunity. This isn't goodbye. It is "hello" and I hope to meet you in person one day.” Warmest Regards, Renee L. (Certified Image Consultant, USA)

"I was looking for a long time for an Image Consultant course. I have taken an online course before, however the experience was bad. This course made me believe in online courses again. It was well structured: every module was a build up to the next one. It felt there was a lot of thought put into the program to create a straight line from A to Z. The logic sequence also helped me understand how to put the dots together and in every topic, so when it came to the final stage of building a brand image it came to me naturally. The information was well provided, which took away the fact I was in a virtual school with no actual presence of a mentor. I feel more confident than ever that I hold today the strategy, as well as the knowledge to guide every potential client/case study that I will encounter in the future. I thank you for providing the missing piece to create a professional image consultant out of me, and make me feel like the champion I always knew I can be." Best Wishes, Timea (Certified Master Image Consultant, Israel

"Dear Ms Armour, I attended an image consultant course that was good, then I decided to explore more deeply and specialize in the different topics around image consulting, [and] after weeks of search in the internet found that Fashion stylist institute was more complete, have a variety of options all well explain[ed],  clearer to enroll and seems trustworthy. Decided to enroll in Brand Image Course and for my surprise more organized than I thought, very easy to understand, modules well organized. Updated information and the support material was very professional, updated. Being in fashion for two decades I can assure they know what they are talking about. And also introduce you to new web pages that can be a great tool." Best [regards], Mara Durufour, Certified Visual Brand Consultant, Panama

"Dear Ms. Armour, Careers are overrated. Life is meant to be experienced and enjoyed through a self-happiness. Growing up, I liked to dream of being a professional soccer player, government intelligence spy, lawyer and even an Anesthesiologist. Big dreams, right? Well, I could have became one, or a couple of those things if I were really set upon it, but I did not feel an internal joy from these things. I guess they were a "right now" mind goal. Style has always been a sensation of mine. I never talked much, because I often let my apparel talk for me. My voice is very quiet and shy. I discovered a very deep intrapersonal intelligence which caused me to realize I have a tremendous and bold voice when it comes to writing and that writing has been my set course to follow. With hours and days of research on certifications, Fashion Stylist Institute was always left on an open tab to research more. The Certified Fashion Blogger course gave so much information within the course! The average time to complete this course is about 2 weeks, but they offer up to 3 months to complete the course. My choice to pick this course was a spectacular decision because with the amount of valuable, real-life information given, i believe 3 months is enough time to actually go through each module and take as many notes possible to gain knowledge on how the blogging atmosphere works! The Instructors are very patient and kind about you personally, and [about] the specific writing style you are most proficient at and what you can work on. Overall the course has been a great help with a goal of mine, that I have now accomplished and can prove globally with the creation of my own successful blog!" Thanks, Dennes, Certified Fashion Blogger, USA

"Dear Ms. Amour, Taking an an online course was a leap of faith for me. Would the information fit my needs? Would it be worth the money? Would the instructors be professional and available to me? I had many worries about purchasing a course online. The Fashion Stylist Institute was the only site that seemed reputable and worth the risk. I am happy to say that the Certified Wardrobe Stylist course was everything I had hoped it would be and more. The tools and materials in the course were well thought out and prepared in a way that I can immediately apply them to my business. The assignments were thought-provoking and challenging. As soon as I submitted my work, feedback was provided by thoughtful and supportive instructors. I really felt like the instructors cared about my success. If I could improve one area of the course, it would be to update some of the style examples. Other than that, I give the course an A+.  I am so happy I took this "leap" and I am very excited to start my new business!" Lisa S., Certified Wardrobe Stylist, USA

To: Fashion Stylist Institute: "I honestly did not have any expectations before commencing the Certified Visual Brand Consultant program. However, I dedicate this achievement to my mother. Shorn DesVignes Daniel who is an Image Consultant trained by this very same institute FSI. I have seen the work and passion she have placed in her business and I thought to myself I want to learn about this industry as eventually I would like to continue my mom's legacy and be in partnership with her. I was a bit nervous as I was new to the fashion industry and did not have much knowledge. However, this program was so user friendly. I gained confidence after passing each of my assignments and being able to fully apprehend all the information provided. The lecturers remarks were extremely motivating.  Although this course is basically on your own pace, I was amazed how quickly I was able to grasp the material provided and complete this program within 2 1/2 weeks. Thank you FSI for offering this program, it was worth it! Now I feel confident enough to be a certified partner with my mother as well as venture out as an entrepreneur." Best Regards, Rae Ross, Certified Visual Brand Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago

"Dear Ms. Armour,  For the last two years, I have been searching for a way to specialize in color as it pertains to my work in illustration, design, and styling. Having already graduated with my Master of Fine Arts degree in design for drama and had no desire to return to school. After finding the Fashion Stylist Institute's catalog of course and the way I would be learning, I knew that I had found the best learning environment for me.  When I read the Color Analysis Consultant course information and what I could learn, I was impressed by the course's quality and organization of topics. The learning modules were straightforward and easy to navigate, and I was pleasantly surprised at the wealth of information that was being shared. I loved participating in the exercise and knowing that there were real people watching my progress.  This course has changed my outlook on color and how I use it in my career. It led me to realization that color was the driving force behind all of my creative work, and by understanding its importance, I learned to focus my intentions and be more confident.  I am very grateful for this learning experience and would recommend this course in the future. Thank you for guiding me through this course and introducing me to an inspirational online community of like-minded people." All the Best, Leanna M. Certified Color Consultant, California

"Dear Mrs. Armour,  After taking some time off after high school, I felt it was the perfect time to explore my passion for fashion and turn it into an education experience. Although I was hesitant at first, making the decision to become a certified Fashion Stylist through your program was a decision that I’m not only glad I made, but I believe will change the course of my life. Your diverse and thorough modules became a sea of information for me and with thanks to the simple and easy-to-operate system, I became excited to explore every day I logged on. There was a lot of information to process in one module, but I am thrilled I can go back to these in depth slideshows in case I ever need to reevaluate one of the many topics you covered.  In my time with FSI, I enjoyed writing my notes and creating my fashion styling bible through the detailed, meticulous modules throughout the course. Working with Polyvore was an incredibly rewarding experience, too, as I believe it helped me discover what kind of fashion stylist I see myself being. Thank you so much for producing and supplying such a thought-provoking and beneficial system for students and fashion lovers like myself. " With sincere gratitude, Tommy O. Certified Fashion Stylist, California

"This is my first letter to you and I want to express myself fully today. I acknowledge your wonderful efforts you did in the form of designing this e-course. I found it a very comprehensive, informative and useful course. I found you and your staff very professional, prompt and helpful. Team FSI responds in minutes. Your passion of helping women transform their image and their lives  is extremely generous. Indeed, such an extensive professional experience of many years couldn't ever be justified so well without training others and spreading your light leaps and bounds. All course modules are tactfully designed and assignments are very relevant. I learned a lot from all challenging assignments. I hope I will find you as a guiding light ahead in my career also. I pay my gratitude once again, thank you for being my mentor."  Regards, Ex Captain Zaira, Certified Image Consultant, Pakistan

Dear Ms. Armour, I started finding some course for personality development or personal branding. There are many similar courses, but FSI offers a variety of courses, such as Visual Brand Consultant courses. I see in this course that giving 2.0 CEU. This makes me confident that the course is intense absolutely. After I enrolled - What surprised me so much? That is interaction of teacher training. They take care and have the knowledge to guide all assignments. They check and reply very fast, so I do not waste time for this learning. That make me more confident in this course. Thank you for the great course. Thank you for caring teacher, the course is very good. Thank you for system of learning that make distance learning easier. Best Regards, Natason Suksarnamonkul, Certified Visual Brand Consultant, Thailand

"Dear Ms. Armour and the FSI team, The VBC course was very well structured and laid out. Enrolling in this course equipped me with the necessary skills to conduct a thorough image consultation with a client and feel confident while doing so. Prior to taking this course, I knew that I wanted to break into the world of image and fashion, but I knew that in order to do it with competence and on a professional level I needed to have more than just great fashion sense. There were technical aspects of styling, fashion, image and the consultation process that I needed to learn, and this course helped to fill in those gaps for me! Now, I feel ready to take everything I've learned about fashion, styling, non verbal communication and image/brand consulting and create visual brands for my clients that make an impression! I was rather impressed with how well the modules were laid out and how easy it was to navigate the course. Everything was labeled well and easy to find, which made it that much easier to jump in and get right to work. With this being an online course I didn't quite know what to expect in terms of quality, ease of use, challenge level etc. But, I can honestly say that in many ways this course exceeded whatever expectations I may have had, and the content and expectation of the instructors were more challenging than I had originally anticipated, which was great! The assignments really test your understanding of the material, which is crucial for anyone looking to consult on the professional level. I am so glad that I made the decision to enroll in the VBC course. Completing this course and taking all of the valuable information I've learned with me has set me on an onward and upward trajectory toward my future in image and personal branding. The best is yet to come!"  Sincerely, M. Jackson, Certified Visual Brand Consultant, USA

"The Image Consultant Certification course is packed with the technical skills needed to succeed. The modules are well organized and perfect for the working professional, busy mom, career changer, etc. After earning my MBA and rebranding a family salon eight years ago, I needed a reputable and high-quality course to bridge my extensive beauty industry and entrepreneurship experience. Our slogan at the Ms./Mrs. Corporate America organization is, "Where Business Meets Beauty."

The teachers really care about your learning outcomes with each module. I like the critical thinking, variety of assignments, and the visual/audio learning. As I launch the online Image Consulting for Sweet T Imagery, I am confident that I can provide high-quality coaching for our clients through the training at the Fashion Stylist Institute. It is exciting to be a part of a network with other dedicated professionals passionate about helping others. 

The Image Consulting course with FSI was exactly what I needed to continue to build my Sweet T brand. Since 1996, I have helped many pageants contestants with their attire, walk, and talk. Now I can use the technical skills gained through FSI to professionally explain how they can achieve a winning look. As a member and speaker several entrepreneur and MBA groups, I have helped many clients prepare for their interviews, speaking engagements, and client meetings. However, FSI has given me more tools to properly consult with my clients' non-verbal language and more. 

As a new mom and business owner, FSI provided me with a course that I could study at any time. Usually, it was in the early hours in the morning while I was caring for our new baby. The information taught is up-to-date and delivered with a lot of passion. Not only was the price of the program affordable, but I am thrilled to finally be a part of the AICI. I am excited to explore the CEU's through the FSI and anything to help my clients with their business image. Sweet T Imagery is dedicated to women who are "Styled for Sweet Success and Breaking Glass Ceilings." My goal is to create an online image coaching for Sweet T Salon to reach women worldwide. I am excited that FSI has resources and a networking needed to provide my Sweet T clients with tools to help them align their image with their current/future position.

I still have a lot to learn and practice but am confident that FSI has given me tools to immediately apply to my business thanks to Ms. Armour and her team.  Cheers to sweet success, Nancy Nguyen Liles, Certified Image Consultant, USA

"This course has turned out to be the best fit for what I needed at this point in my career!! The modules are well laid out and full of details, activities, and materials that are sure to help any aspiring Image Consultant, and sharpen the skills of current consultants. After going through the lessons and quizzes, I was immediately able to apply the principles with ease. The mentors have a wealth of knowledge and gave very detailed feedback that helped me understand how to improve as I begin my career as a Certified Image Consultant. It was very encouraging to see all of the students logged on from all around the globe at different times. Although I wasn't in a classroom; it was motivating to view everyone's profile to see what certification they were completing, and it pushed me to work hard to complete this goal. This course has given me the knowledge to step into the world of image consulting professionally and confidently. This will definitely not be my last certification with the Fashion Stylist Institute! Thank you for your tools and guidance. Very Respectfully, Lafray P. Miller, Chief Visionary Officer, Hey Lovely, LLC

"Studying Colour Analysis with FSI has been an amazing experience through the online course. The modules are focused on the main aspects of deep colour analysis and useful tools, with vital information of how to determine the right undertone of the client, how to define the contrast and how to create a perfect client's colour pallet. The course required active engagement and practical tasks that allowed me to digest the learning and train my eye. I used to read plenty of books regarding the colour analysis before I joined this course, but all of them seemed superficial. I still had many questions left and couldn't understand how [the]  Absolute Colour System of 12 or 18 direction is working as I even didn't have knowledge about the basic colour theory at that time. Now I feel so confident to include Personal Colour Analysis Consultation in the list of my services! The interaction and detailed feedback from the award-winning image consultants was also constructive and comprehensive. This is a second online course I was taking through FSI platform and being able to count on professional advice and extra help was really important to me during the whole e-learning process!" Best Regards, Eugenia, Certified Color Consultant, UK

2017 Reviews

"I had been looking for something like this to improve my skills and my image consultant career, and I am grateful I finally found it! Believe me, choosing this career path was a very difficult decision take, because I live in Italy - the country of style, and people here expect you to show your knowledge with excellence in this fashion industry. In my opinion, this is the most professional and accurate certificate training course about fashion, image and style that I have ever done. As a mother and a working woman, I had little time to do this, and therefore I decided to do it online. The FSI online training exceeded my expectations by far, the website, modules, assignments, resources, and feedback that you have provided are all clear and well organized. The mentors are efficient and prompt to help you when needed, and they graded the assignments thoroughly. The students come from all over the world, and they are available to share their tips with you too. I can confirm that FSI is a reputable and affordable institute to learn from, with a high level of education and training in the image industry. Now that my skills have improved significantly, I am sure that my career will take off and I will become successful. I feel ready more than ever and full of insight that I am ready to share with my clients with excellence. Thank Ms Armour for creating this opportunity, Thanks to the mentors!" Kindest Regards, Kareline, Certified Image Consultant, Italy

This course has been a great introduction to the world of Fashion and Image Consulting. Learning and practicing the basics has been an integral part of my education experience. The first few modules about the basic of fashion were helpful and got even more vital information as the course progressed. The body proportion module was a great one and helped to build my knowledge about different shapes and which styles look best on each person.  My foundation was built through this course and I am now able to practice daily in my new role as an Image Consultant. Practice makes perfect and I am enjoying learning along the way! The program was easy to follow with an intuitive portal and easy to understand language . The different instructors answered questions and graded assignments within 24hours, which made it easy to progress through the course at my own pace. I understand why my colleagues and other Image Consultants recommended this course! Best Wishes, Chris F. (Certified Image Consultant, Washington, DC.)

Dear Fashion Stylist institute,

I was a disgruntled former college student looking for my true career passion. I felt my interest perked whenever I delved into the fashion world. Once I began researching different careers in the fashion realm, I became overwhelmed. I felt bombarded by the plethora of style career avenues. The feeling of panic set in and I began questioning if I’d ever find my way. A few days later, I found FSI online and my fears dissipated.

I wasn’t sure which fashion career was right for me, but I was able to read the copious outlines of the different courses provided. I found the right subject for me when I chose image consulting, it combines style with personal development and growth. Each module was easy to understand and full of pertinent information. This portal requires students to push their creativity and critical thinking skills to new heights. I learned there is a great amount of responsibility and influence an image consultant has in their client’s lives.

The program that FSI has provided is top-of-the-line, interactive, and easy to navigate. The course consistently provides real-life scenarios to contemplate and review. The quizzes provide great feedback on whether the topic is understood or needs reviewing. The instructors are well-versed in the fashion industry and only provide positive feedback or criticism to help us became better.

I highly recommend this image consulting course and all FSI programs because of their meticulous appreciation of students and their proficiency. Anyone wanting to start or get a boost in their fashion career should choose the fashion stylist institute; their clients and career will thank them.

Dear Ms. Armour, I have been searching for some time now for what is next for me when it comes to career. A few months ago I determined that I want to be trained to be a Color Consultant, and got very excited about the prospect of doing it. I am a mother of 2 young girls, have a 3rd baby on the way, and I work. I knew that I wanted to find a reputable, top notch program that I could do online and would be affordable. I did a lot of research before settling on FSI, and I am thrilled you are here and that I found you!  Your website is so well put together, and the course descriptions are so thorough - I have read them all. I feel that your website is everything it needs to be for prospective students to determine if this is the place for them. That first impression kept pulling me back to this as my top contender. Then, I called and spoke with you about whether I should start with the Color Consultant course or a more in depth course. I really appreciate that you listened to my unique situation and guided me towards this course instead of selling me on something I might not need at this point. I found that very refreshing and professional and I felt that you gave me the exact direction I needed. That conversation sealed the deal for me that FSI was the place to come. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It is clear that you are a master at what you do, and the whole way through I have felt confident that I have been getting great information from an expert. This course is thorough, well executed, and I am leaving with a confidence I wasn't sure was possible from an online course as a beginner in this industry. It was also so exciting to submit my assignments and get instructor feedback. Everyone I have interacted with has been genuinely for me and very helpful. I would recommend FSI to anyone wanting to get into the Image Consulting industry! Thank you, thank you! Ginger W. (Certified Color Consultant, USA)

"I would like to thank you for developing such an amazing and informative course. I took the Certified Image Stylist Professional Course.  The information that I have learned from this course has been invaluable and I now feel confident starting my own consulting business.  What I loved the most about this course was that you narrated the entire course and provided some real life examples of your own personal experiences. I also really enjoyed reading the feedback from the instructors after my assignments had been graded. It really reinforced that everyone affiliated with FSI is invested in the students performance and success.  The course was very easy to navigate and each module built upon the previous one.  I felt that the information contained in this course will be useful in real life situations. Thank you again for your commitment to providing an excellent learning experience. I would highly recommend FSI to anyone who wants to further their career in the fashion consulting industry. Best,  Jessica W. (Certified Image Professional, USA)"

"I very much enjoyed taking this course. I felt that the sequence in which the information is presented to the student is strategically put together in a way that allows them to build with each concept on top of the previous one. Image consultation is definitely an art form and this course makes its learning practical, comfortable and fun. I think all the supporting materials were very helpful for really understanding the concepts that are presented, and that the homeworks were a great way to reinforce the learning process.  Also, having a full time job I was pleased to see that this course not only offers a very generous amount of time to complete it, but that it allows for the student to have complete control over the pace. In my opinion the course has a very good quality level and a very competitive pricing. Before subscribing I researched the web for other options and found many courses that were not focusing on the needs of a newcomer into the Image consulting business. As a beginner, I wanted to start with the basics and then progressively build on and develop further skills for this business, and that is exactly what I felt I obtained from the CIC course. I had a lot of fun with the assignments and thought that they were a very good practice of the concepts learned, but also I enjoyed that they were graded very fast and had interesting feedback from the teachers. A feature I would recommend to improve the user portal is to include an auto log-out when the student is inactive over a certain amount of time. The reason for this is because it happened to me twice that I forgot to log-out once I had completed an assignment or lesson. [editors note: student portal does offer this feature]. Finally, I would like to congratulate Ms Gillian Armour for creating this course that allows students from around the world, such as myself, to start a new and exciting career.  Regina, (Certified Image Consultant, Mexico)

"I discovered the career of image consulting in my junior year of high school, and instantly fell in love with the idea that one day I will be waking up to do work that I was passionate about. Since then, I have been diligently researching the career and the steps to take to become a professional. I came across many institutions and programs, but FSI stood out from the rest. FSI offered a tremendous amount of learning for significantly less than others. It almost seemed too good to be true, but after completing this course, I can attest that I made the right choice with this program to further my career. After reading into the details of each course, I found that the Visual Brand Consultant Certification course was the advanced study I was truly interested in, because not only did I learn key skills of an image consultant, but I also learned how to further implement those skills into the visual branding training. The modules, quizzes, assignments, and resources all contributed immensely to my success in learning the terms, methods, and fundamental elements of this type of consulting. This course provide so much information, so I appreciated the assignments and quizzes' ability to show that I was retaining and understanding all that I was being taught. It was definitely challenging, but it prepares you for the real life experiences you can and will face as you advance your career and consult with clients. One of the best parts of the course for me was the feedback from the instructors, because it was always constructive and encouraging. This motivated me to perform better and accept positive assessments and critiques from experts who have already mastered these skills. I want to express my extreme gratitude for the high quality and affordability of this visual branding course. I am confident that I will be able to excel in this fashion and branding business." Thank you! Best Regards, Kabree, (Certified Visual Brand Consultant, USA)

I have truly enjoyed the experience of getting my fashion styling certification through this program. It has always been my dream to work in the fashion industry, now I can do that! Although I am confident in my sense of fashion, I am now more confident as a professional because of the resources and education you have provided. The modules though this course were easy to follow and very informative. I am excited to see where this fashion styling certification takes me in my future! If it wasn't for this amazing and affordable opportunity, I would have given up on fashion. Thank you for making it possible for me to follow my dreams! Kindest Regards, Tayani, (Certified Fashion Stylist, USA)

"I am in the process of starting my own business and was interesting in some specific education to enhance what I know as well as learn some new things to gain a little more confidence in the new path. In looking at my options I felt this course was an excellent fit and there were some great reviews! This course provided me an affordable opportunity to grow and learn in an easy to use manor. It was wonderful learning from someone who has so much experience and I can apply much of it to my business. I also found it so valuable to receive feedback on my assignments as I progressed. I think this is a great training option and will definitely look at other courses to continue to enhance my knowledge. Thank you for the work you do to put on this training and all the knowledge you are willing to share. I truly feel more confident as I step into this adventure!" Sincerely, Shelby, (Certified Image Consultant, Canada)

"Thank you for offering the Certified Image Consultant course. I researched other image consulting certifications available and was thrilled with my choice of using the Fashion Stylist Institute. I felt like I was received personal training. The modules were full of information and easy to follow. I especially liked that you could replay the videos over again so that you could really gain an understanding of the information. The assignments were directly related to what was gone over and it provided practical experience. Everything from color analysis, body type, to measuring is taught thoroughly. I was truly appreciative of all the available notes and workbook material that is available. The suggested reading material and supplies took the confusion out of me trying to navigate on my own. It is obvious a lot of time and energy went into preparing this course. I can feel confident that I am providing my clients with accurate information!  What a fantastic journey! Thank you!" Sincerely, Jacquelyn Y. (Certified Image Consultant, USA)

"My name is Christopher Sirois, and I live and breathe fashion. In reality in today's world no one will take you seriously in the fashion business without the paperwork to prove it. What I gained from FSI is the confidence to speak with authority of the business that I love so much. I have already gained a job in the appeal industry. That would have not been possible if I did not go to the interview believing that I was an authority figure in my field. I did spend a lot of time searching for the perfect school, and the bottom line is this is the only school that I found that certifies you through the AICI. This happens to be the only organization that can call you a professional, and FSI is half the price of other schools that I researched. I did all the work on my iPad, and everything went through beautifully. The whole course was very well illustrated and spoken so clearly that you would easily grasp what was being explained. The teachers were so nice and informative and really helped me grow as a fashion forecaster. I would absolutely recommend FSI to anyone that would like to excel in the fashion industry."  Sincerely, Christopher Sirois, (Certified Fashion Trend Consultant, New York)

"Dear Ms. Armour, I'm not sure words can adequately express how thankful I am that I found your website. I had searched for about a year for a Certified Image Consultant online course which was quality and affordable. Your course was the one that impressed me, and I have not been disappointed. In fact, it has been far above my expectations. I have been surprised at the training really needed for an Image Consultant. Learning about line, form, proportion, texture, body types, color undertones helps me feel confident that I can truly help others with their appearance. As I completed each assignment I started using what I learned to help family and friends. The modules and materials were well organized which made learning easy. I can now look at outfits with a different eye, and I see how much is wrong. This course has changed my view of how to dress. I am now seeing face shapes and body types which I never noticed before. The materials and up-to-date information will continue to help me with my business. You are truly a blessing for providing quality and affordable training online to help others. Thank you!!" Best Regards, Annelle Serritt, Certified Image Consultant, USA

"For about 10 years I have been thinking about becoming a wardrobe stylist. I read books and articles, talked to friends about it, but didn't know how to get started or certified. I couldn't find courses at local colleges or schools, so I started to look online, even though I'm not computer savvy (and in fact didn't even have a computer). I was delighted to eventually find the Certified Wardrobe Stylist course at Fashion Stylist Institute, and signed up as soon as I'd saved enough to buy a computer and pay for the course.

The content of the course was informative and interesting, and I learned a tremendous amount. Having worked in women's retail for the past 15 years, I knew when outfits "looked right" but didn't understand why. Now I do. I particularly like the fact that this course allowed me to go at my own pace, since I knew I had at least two separate weeks when I would be unable to study. I was also impressed with the speed of grading assignments, and the feedback from the instructors. On the negative side, I did have a few computer glitches, and it took me a while to understand the format of the website and the course, most likely due to my lack of computer skills. (I'm still struggling to join a forum but will persist!)

I have often been asked by customers if I would help them declutter their closets, help make them more efficient and manageable, with clothes that fit and flatter. Having completed this course, I feel I can say "Yes, absolutely"! Thank you!" Penelope, Certified Wardrobe Stylist, USA

"Although a formal education is not required to become a stylist I felt it was important to have proper training to best serve my perspective clients. I immediately went to the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) to find recommendations and a program that would meet the requirements to become certified by AICI. Training recognized by the association as well as a flexible schedule and tuition was most important to me. I searched through all of the recommended schools and found the Fashion Stylist Institute  was a perfect fit. My experience training to become a Fashion Stylist has been nothing but amazing! The highlights of the training were:


*It was recommended by the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International)

*Portal was easy and simple to use

*Course work was well organized and easy to understand

*The high fashion examples made the course interesting and exciting

*The response time was quick

I look forward to my future as a Fashion Stylist and extremely happy I made the perfect choice. I can finally explain the method to my styling choices to others. Thank you for such an awesome experience and continued success!"

Sincerely Yours, Lynnette Bond, Certified Fashion Stylist, USA

After searching online for a reputable course I was really excited to find that FSI had a lot to offer. What really grabbed my attention was the explanation of the course in detail before I purchased anything. It is easy to navigate your way through the site. The course was very straight forward and to the point. As with any other course it's a lot of information to grasp but aside from my own notes I'm glad FSI offered PDF key points and overviews as well as a lot more information that I could refer back to. Every day was exciting and I looked forward to completing my online class. Any time I had a question, I immediately got feedback which was convenient since we have a limited amount of time on completing the entire course. The quizzes and exams were also graded in a timely manner. I'm happy I picked FSI to become a Certified Image Stylist. I am looking forward to taking a jump start in my career! Sincerely, Alejandra U. Certified Image Consultant Professional, USA

"In my search for an online education program that would not only equip me to be a color analyst, but also certify me as such, I was pleased to find FSI. This affordable option provided me with quality education and accountability as I moved through the easy-to-navigate modules and completed the assignments. The materials and guidebook provided through the course, were very informative and easy to understand. When I completed the course, I felt confident that I could effectively provide a full color analysis to future clients. As an image consultant, I am very excited to begin offering this service as a "certified color analyst" to my clients to enhance my services for them. I feel that color analysis is an extremely important part of what I will be offering, and I am excited to see how valued it will be by my clients. This course exceeded my expectations in quality and effectiveness. I feel ready to add this service to my list of offerings and am thankful for the certification." Ashley K., Certified Color Consultant, Arizona

"I recently got certified as a color consultant and am getting ready to open for business. I knew that down the road I wanted to take the Fashion Stylist course to get that knowledge and be able to add it to my services. I figured that while I was getting my color consulting business off of the ground that it would be a perfect time to get this certification before I get too busy with color consulting. I'm so happy that I made this choice!  I really enjoyed the course! It had so much in depth information on styling. Each module was very elaborate and provided me with a ton of knowledge on the styling process itself, pulling the wardrobe, measuring, proportion, basic apparel terminology, and body and facial types. I also really loved all of the many downloadable forms that were given to refer back to and also to use during my fashion styling consultations. I'm so happy to have the knowledge, tools and education I gained from this course and I feel extremely confident to be able to add this to my services.  Thank you for providing this very informative course to fashion lovers like me!" Best Regards,  Emmaline C., Certified Color Consultant, Certified Fashion Stylist, USA

"I have the Certified Men’s Image Consulting course almost completed and must satisfactorily say that I had made a great decision when was choosing among available courses and institutions. FSI was offering the syllable, methods of training and prices exactly that I was searching for. The course was very relevant to my needs and at this point, I may say it helped me a lot in acquiring the required knowledge and skills and gaining the confidence in starting my new career and business. I’m sure it is a new page in the story of my life.

Being a professional teacher and coach and having the previous experience of taking certified courses provided by the well-known and reputable universities and schools all around the world on various online educational platforms, I was highly critical. There are too many good points to list! The course is a very good mixture of theoretical and practical training. The syllabus is profoundly structured and excellently delivered; website layout and instructions are easy to navigate and understand; all aspects are clearly explained; various educational materials are very engaging and challenging; resources provided are very helpful; there is a lot of information that will help me in my work. I would like to thank team FIS for their 24/7 interactive support, kind attitude, careful attention, constant encouragement and appreciation of my work. Thank you, guys! I am giving you the highest grades and wishing you all the best!" Sincerely, Svitlana G. (Certified Men's Image Consultant)

"Many certification courses advertise an engaging and informative bridal stylist certification program. In researching and choosing Fashion Stylist Institute, I learned that other courses couldn't even compare. This course prepared me to jumpstart my career in bridal styling with all of the need-to-knows for holding professional consultations. Throughout the duration of this course the student ventures from learning the basic skills to learning essential details needed to be a successful bridal stylist. Through the engaging quizzes, interactive slides, and informative videos, it is easy to forget you're being graded. With the help of the course instructors' positive and encouraging feedback it is easy to stay on track and complete the course at your own pace, yet still in a timely manner.  Thank you for providing me with a high quality course. Upon completion I feel ready to assist soon-to-be brides in the search for their perfect dress!"  Alaina C., Certified Bridal Stylist

"Hello. My name is Raquel, I'm 42  years old and I'm from Portugal. I did Law school and have 2 masters degrees. In the last  years I have worked in banking and finance advisory. At the end of 2016 I have decided for a career change and I chose to follow what like to do: interact and communicate. I have always helped my friends and colleagues to dress better; I have always liked fashion and I know that I have a natural gift for composing outfits. All I need was education and know I got it thanks to FSI. The online course is the most suitable for foreign students like me who lives far from de USA and the educational system used is remarkable. The teachers feedback is always constructive and the entire course is built with integrity and competence. I loved every moment of the experience and I was immensely supported, I will recommend for sure and I miss you already. Thanks for everything. Raquel V." (Certified Image Stylist Professional, Portugal).

"This is my fourth time to learn from you and your school. I know that your courses are always effective and there are a lot of things that I can get. I studied in your school for the first time in 2009. It was a face-to-face course and I really like your method and your personalty. I took two online courses in 2013 and this year, 2017, I finished Makeup Consultant online course. Though they were a bit challenging, I totally enjoyed all of them. The Makeup Consultant Certification course was amazing. In spite of that it's online but I felt as if I attended the school face-to-face. The video lecture was easy to understand and I got a lot of materials which are really effective. The course is not only educational but also very practical. I could learn not only the technique but also a lot of business ideas that I can adapt to my business. You are not only a teacher but also a great mentor.  I feel that my image consulting business has become more and more successful after I took your courses. I'll do my best and make use of the knowledge that I learned from you. Your courses always have value in them; not only for me but also to my clients. Thank you for providing an amazing course. I look forward to learning again with you soon! Best Regards, Akiko" (Certifications include Image, Makeup, Bridal and Men's Image Consultant)

I have thoroughly and completely enjoyed the Image Consultant certification course.  I found the subject matter easy to follow and understand. It was very helpful to be able to revisit the subject matter as many times as needed prior to taking the quizzes. It helped to really digest the material and to be comfortable with what I was learning. In my search for information for trustworthy, online courses in image consulting, what caused FSI to stand out way ahead of the others was the clear description of the courses work. Being a visual person, I was able 'see" myself not only completing the course, but completing it successfully. Being a retired social service worker, who always has an eye for fashion, I am so very excited to begin my second career 25 years later! Thank you so much for your wonderful and thoughtful feedback, which caused me to pause, breathe and think through how I would best be of service to my clients.... priceless. Wishing you the best, Nikki B

Dear Ms. Armour, It has been a dream to be part of the fashion world. I have always wanted to stand out and be different. I want to take my styling to a whole new level. I want to be a professional fashion stylist. These goals brought me to finding the best training medium which could supplement my creativity with the desired knowledge and skills, necessary in the industry I am going to blend in. Luckily, with the help of search engines, I found Fashion Stylist Institute. After reading few information and reviews, I am very much convinced that certification is what I need, so I enrolled. The Certified Fashion Stylist course is fully packed with all that I need to know in being a fashion stylist. The system is user-friendly, the length of the modules are just right but contains all that I must learn, to be ready in the field I am going into. It excites me that there are knowledge check/quizzes almost in every module. Although the course is online, there’s a lot of fun. It’s even more interactive than the face to face classes I have had! The learnings I’ve got in the course are now the core of my becoming a certified fashion stylist. It is a solid foundation that will make me different from the others. The tools and materials are huge help in exploring things and making many things possible! Thank you for creating this amazing online course! It not just added confidence in me, it also brought me up to a different level of artistry and creativity! More power to Fashion Stylist Institute! Very sincerely yours, Mark Angel Torayno, Certified Fashion Stylist, Philippines

"After owning/operating my own business for greater than 30 years, I wanted to switch careers and find something rewarding (and fun) that I could do for many years to come, focusing on women (like me) who are over 50. And, being a business owner for most of my adult working life, return on investment, value, level of professionalism, and ease of access were my top priorities in choosing an online program.

I reviewed many online courses (the only option that would work for me at my current work/life responsibility level). After reaching out to several companies, I contacted FSI and promptly received a call from Gillian Armour herself! She took the time to answer my many questions, provide reassurance, and ultimately helped make my decision to choose FSI. I was so impressed with her professionalism and, after learning her credentials and work history in the course material, her expertise.

I liked the ability to receive all course materials instantly, electronically and the ability to access the online learning portal 24/7—I have an unusual work schedule so this was a huge boon to my successful learning. Having access to the Teacher’s Assistant and a mixture of audio/visual/print learning materials gave me the opportunity to study/learn with confidence.

The online course covered all my questions through a wide variety of related topics and I was provided with links to download/save/print forms and study materials. I feel well-equipped to begin my new career as a Certified Image Stylist Professional and know that FSI is a phone call or email away from answering my questions and providing guidance. I’m thrilled to have chosen FSI as my entrance into a new chapter in my life." Sincerely, Annie Goni-Stewart, Certified Image Stylist Professional, USA

"I wanted to take a course on image consulting and I didn't know where to start so I did what we all do this days....I went to the Google!! The Fashion Stylist Institute popped up so I explored what it had to offer. I was very intrigued with the Advanced Image Consultant program but being the discerning shopper that I am I needed to do my research and check out the competition. I spent a few weeks doing this and found your program continually being the bar by which I measured every other program. Nothing topped what you had to offer, at the price you were offering it for. So I enrolled and have never looked back. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience, from both a content and from an e-learning platform perspective. Very user friendly and the content was amazing. I have learned so much more about this career I'm about to embark on and I can't thank you enough for sharing your vast fashion knowledge with me." Sincerely, Betty M. (Certified Image Stylist Professional)
"Thank you for an amazing experience and knowledge base to provide the best start possible for a Certified Fashion Stylist professional. Style and fashion have been a lifelong passion of mine and once I decided to create a fashion styling business, I wanted to ensure that I can offer my services with highest professionalism based on detailed knowledge of fashion and styling principles. Your certified fashion stylist course online offers the perfect opportunity to study at a pace that fits into any busy lifestyle, and the online portal is easy to use. The information covered is extensive, well presented, and whenever questions arise a teacher is available to answer them. Additionally, related documents and ebooks are available throughout the course, to help deepen learned content. This setup offers a basis that goes beyond what many style professionals can draw upon, and gives me the confidence to work with clients effectively, and offer valuable advice. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your team." Warm Regards, Silke (Certified Fashion Stylist, USA)

"When I set out in my adventure of starting an image consulting business I knew the first step was to become professionally certified. Following weeks of researching reputable training firms, I selected the Fashion Stylist Institute. Juggling a full time career and as the mom of three boys under the age of five, I needed a course that was online, flexible and accessible at all times... especially late at night. I also felt that the pricing for the course was extremely reasonable, especially given the great content that was delivered. I was very impressed by the caliber and detail of the online modules, quizzes and homework. The content was very easy to understand and flowed nicely from one topic to the next. One of my favorite parts of the course was becoming introduced to Polyvore where I had the freedom to create my own outfits. I will definitely use this tool as I work with clients on ideal pieces for their personal style. I would strongly recommend the Fashion Stylist Institute to anyone who is considering a Certified Image Consultant designation. Thank you so much for such a wonderful training opportunity. I cannot wait to kick off my business and begin putting my learnings to practice." Sincerely, Mary M., Certified Image Consultant, USA

"For the past several years, I have been deciding to move forward and open my own business as an image consultant. I have done research, created documents and a written business plan, but something was still missing from my plans. I researched several course opportunities and found Fashion Style Institute. After completing the modules and assignments for the Certified Image Consultant, I found the missing piece in my preparations for opening my own business. I was unsure of certain aspects of the being an image consultant. The materials and modules were very easy to follow and explained the process very well. I believe all the forms and handouts will be invaluable as I move forward with my business. The online class was easy for me to access and use. I was able to review certain subjects again if I did not understand the topic thoroughly the first time. The assignments were very helpful in creating an awareness of style and clothing and applying them to clients. I look forward to starting my own business and feel more confident with the insights and skills I have learned. I will be a better image consultant for taking this course." Sincerely, Wendy L., Certified Image Consultant, USA

"This was the second consecutive course I've taken with FSI (CFB & CIC) and I will soon be enrolling for a third! I have valued my experience immensely. The knowledge I've attained has prepared and excited me to move forward confidently and competently with my new career. I especially enjoyed the easy, flexible & self-paced way I could move through the courses. If I had more time one week than another, it was always accommodating. The course work was fun, challenging and always interesting. And that is, specifically, why I keep coming back to FSI. I now look at the world with a "consultants eye" and that in and of itself, is proof of how transformative this learning experience has been for me. I will never look at someone's face or body without understanding their definition and that's utterly amazing to me! This experience changes people and I am one of them." Thank you! --Joan Miller (Davidson), Certified Fashion Blogger, Certified Image Consultant, USA

"I have looked at the Image Consulting course several times over the past few years. I wanted to take it but had so many reservations about taking it on line. Finally almost 90 days ago I decided to stop looking and jump on it. It was one the best decisions I have made. This course was well put together, the modules were easy to understand and the examples were great. I have to admit once I got into this I did ask myself, "what did I get into". I asked this question because I never thought that Image Consulting would be so involved and so detailed. Once I focused and allowed myself to be open to the information, I loved it. The test[s], were great because they helped you actually retain the information and the projects were fun. The feed back from the instructors [was] very helpful with great explanations as to why things are done the way they are. Getting good feed back and complements from the instructor gave a huge, huge, boost of confidence and excitement. This is a wonderfully put together course and I loved being a part of it. I would highly recommend this course to any and everyone. As a licensed Cosmetologist, this is a wonderful addition to my business and a great additional source of income. Thank You, Tyrahna J. CIC (Certified Image Consultant)" Business Name: Divine Beauty & Wellness

"I have always loved fashion and the way it made me feel when I put on an amazing outfit. I never put much thought into styling and would pick items I just thought were 'pretty' regardless of how they actually looked on me and flattered (or unflattered) my body. Since taking the Fashion Stylist course, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined about styling. I didn't realize all the intricate things that go into creating an outfit and it all made sense on why some outfits look good on some shapes verse others. It opened my eyes to the art and creativity behind it and I have so much more respect for the profession. It's not just 'putting together pretty items' there's a lot of thought, education and creativity that goes into building an outfit and story/theme around it. I had a blast taking this course, playing around on Polyvore - creating outfits around a theme, and playing the styling games. I feel like I have a way better understanding of the industry and an ever deeper appreciation for fashion. I am excited to style outfits for myself, my family and friends and hope to make this a profession sometime in the near future." Jessica (Certified Fashion Stylist)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course for Certified Fashion Stylist. I have been working as a wardrobe stylist in the television industry for many years, and wanted to earn a certification, further my education, and above all remain current. I searched many options but always found my way back to Fashion Stylist Institute. I was not entirely sure how much I would take away from this course, being that I have worked in a segment of this industry for so long, but I have to tell you that it exceeded my expectations! Not only did it reinforce concepts that I already knew, or thought I knew, but it offered so much more in-depth training. The visuals combined with the explanations and examples made learning very effective. I liked that I could repeat modules if I wanted, take notes, and continue at my own pace. The additional student course booklets, course notes, and professional forms completed the training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering this career path, or already working within the field in some capacity, to take this course.

I am also planning to expand my services to include styling and personal shopping for individual clients. I feel I now have the tools to move forward with my small business plan, and I look forward to my next course with Fashion Stylist Institute." Kindest Regards, Judi (Certified Fashion Stylist)

"The Certified Image Stylist program has been such an incredible process for me. I have really been wanting to follow a passion of mine and when I found a class that offers it and affordable I was thrilled. For a time period I thought I would be able to do it just by reading blogs or posts and just start my image consultant/styling career from that. After taking this class I realize that would have been a terrible idea! There are so many basics and also complex things that are so necessary for this career. I love fashion and I love helping people feel better about themselves and with the things I’ve learned form this class I know I’ll be able to successfully do that.

I really loved all the feedback I got on my essay questions and projects. My favorite project was the final one for personal shopping. It was such a great project to get you out there and see what to look for and what local stores have to offer. I also love that you really want us to succeed and it’s evident by all the effort and help they give you throughout this process.

I cant thank you enough for your time you spent and spend on making this program! When I’m more financially stable I really look forward to taking a few other courses you offer. Only thing I would add as a tip, for maybe even just past students, is have a grouping deal with the class offerings. I would be interested in doing a couple for even 3 at a discounted price. (FSI note: we do offer discounts for multiple purchases).

I really appreciate the effort and time that went into making this class it has been very educationally rewarding. I cant wait to use the tools and tips that you have given me to start my own career in Oklahoma. This is not a big market yet but I feel confident that I will be able to make it a market and make Oklahoma more stylish and confident! Thanks again! Best regards, Sarah"

"Dear Ms. Armour, Before I decided to take this course, I spent at least two months doing research on trainers that are capable of teaching men's image. One of the criteria of my research was the trainer I am looking for must have specifically wrote a book about men's image consulting. That journey has lead me to this course, led me to you. What I like most about the course can be summed up in three parts: Part 1) Course material - Material provided are comprehensive, well-structured and easy to understand. I love that you have given so many sites to be referred which are useful for me as a consultant. Part 2) Course assessment - This may sound weird, I love your exams and assessment! The course has provided adequate assessments that not only challenge my knowledge, but also encourage me to think thoroughly about the business of men's image consulting that I want to Part 3) Course grading - Honestly, I am such a busy business woman. There are times I travelled for work for weeks and did not manage to log in to the course. When I can, I will quickly go online, take the course, complete the assesment. The length of time given to access the course and the speed of grading from your end are superb! I believe anyone who take up your course can be assured that they will go through the course succesfully. Thank you, Ms. Armour. Now, you and FSI have become one of the biggest motivation and inspiration for me to become successful in my image consulting business. Best Regards, Mary M."

"Because of my work schedule, I decided to enroll in your online Image Consultant course, and I’m happy that I made this choice. The portal is very well organized and easy to follow. I was able to take my time with each module, I never felt rushed, and I was able to review each module as often as needed before taking the quizzes. I liked that I needed a professional photo before getting started with the course, I didn’t have a professional photo, this forced me to get one. Also, having to create a bio, tips, and niche gave me additional marketing material for helping me to better market my company. Ever module is well organized and arranged in a sequence that is easy to follow. You covered ever aspect of becoming an Image Consultant, from how to dress different body types, color theories and analysis, how to mix and match outfits, fabrics and textures, balance, tailoring, proper hair styles for facial shapes, to how to make a good first impression. Thank you for providing this course, I feel more confident in working with potential clients in helping them to dress for success and inspire the Style in themselves so that they may have more confidents and get to the next level in their careers." Louise, Certified Image Consultant, CIC

"I'm so pleased that I found such a thorough online course to accommodate and facilitate my dreams coming true of being not only a business owner, but doing what I love--working in fashion. I really appreciated the length of time to complete the course and all the feedback and quick responses from the instructor on my assignments and inquiries. I loved the depth of the course, learning things I never knew about, such as the details of lines, facial shapes, body shapes, and ways to help women achieve an hourglass figure. And I love the amount of suggestions and resources available for my use post class, including all the forms and questionnaires to use with new clients. I am very excited to put my [new] knowledge into practice and to know there are so many resources to help me along the way." Evangeline (Certified Image Consultant, CIC)

"As a young college student who is attending a school that does not have any fashion classes, I decided to look online to see what could provide me a full education of Fashion Styling. However, as we all know, the internet has many options and often times they are not as satisfying as they'd seem. Upon finding this course, I was immediately interested in signing up and being able to work when I could thanks to the flexible schedule."

"This Certified Fashion Stylist program was very thorough, yet also very concise, making it enjoyable and easy to follow along and truly pay attention to detail. The ways in which the modules were arranged was very organic and having quizzes helped me see what I grasped and what I might have to review. The quizzes were a great way to make sure that I was internalizing all of the important material. Equally, the tone of the modules and assignments was always positive and very encouraging, which in itself made an enormous difference as sometimes starting courses can be intimidating and stressful. In this course, I always felt supported and that certainly helped to motivate me to work as hard as possible. I'm very excited to now be able to speak about fashion in a technical way as well as a more descriptive way, it has given me so much more confidence and reliance on myself in terms of knowing what I'm doing and that I'm doing it the right way. I would recommend this course to anyone I knew interested in Fashion (and all the courses you offer). Thank you for making this a great journey, GCP (Certified Fashion Stylist)"

"Participating in your online learning program was surprisingly personal, your feedback was immediate, constructive and encouraging. The learning material on the diverse themes concerning fashion and wardrobe was complex, profound yet easy to understand and to manage. I was able to study at my own pace and got a lot of ideas on how to practically perform my further specialzation as a fashion professional."

"It's an exiting thought, that through this modern way of using the latest technology for teaching, learning and connecting, the FSI Campus gives many women and men around the world the opportunity to professionalize and to be able to also certify with the AICI." All the best to you and your institute from Carla R.

"Dear Ms. Armour, I have been looking for a Trend Certification all over and didn't know a ton about the Fashion Stylist Institute but thought the class was a reasonable price and none-the-less would be fun. After taking the class, I am amazed at how much I have learned, how professional and easy to access the site was, the attentiveness of my counselor, and the knowledge of all the material. I was surprisingly challenged with the final exam and that made me even more excited to pass and complete the course. I can now confidently say I am a certified Trend Consultant and am excited about the new endeavors having a certification will bring. Thank you for creating such an amazing program. I am excited and proud to display my certificate!" Best, Jess

"When I was starting out and looking for an affordable and reputable Image Consulting Course, I found Fashion Stylist Institute and ranked it among a few others. FSI came out the winner, with the best bang for the buck that would help train me in Image Consulting. After completing the course, I do believe that FSI was the right fit for me."

"The Image Consulting Course was formatted in a simple and easy to understand way. Every module consisted of loads of relevant material that I simply could not get enough of! I felt as if I've gained more than enough knowledge on Image Consulting to be successful in this career and I know my future clients will benefit from this education. I am grateful that this course also included bonus material to aid me in all of my business endeavors."

"I truly felt that FSI cared about me individually and my future success. There was also an emphasis on connecting with other students through the online portal to help support and encourage one another, which is something that I feel sets FSI apart in their business. The instructors in this course were extremely helpful and patient whenever I had a question or needed assistance and always provided quick and friendly feedback, which I am so grateful for."

"I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Certified Image Consultant course with the Fashion Stylist Institute. It has been an amazing experience, everything I learnt complemented my existing skills."

"I was desperately looking for a certified Stylist course but I could not find the right one for me, until I ran into your course. I've always been reluctant to enroll in an on-line and, moreover, long-distance course, but I've done the best thing ever!"

"Thank you for helping me making my dream come true!

"Bravo! As a person who has been in higher and adult education for over 15 years as both a creator and educator, I must congratulate you on an extremely effective and comprehensive course."

"This course was really an eye opener as I had some prior knowledge in buying as a profession, however this course helped to take it to a personal level where you focus on an individual as opposed to general women or men's needs."

"It was enlightening to learn about color, proportion, balance, emphasis, body and facial shapes. These are just a few of the many areas that were throughly covered and clearly and elegantly presented in the course. I now have the tools to more fully serve my clients."

"Thank you for providing me with an extraordinary experience and education at the Fashion Style Institute."

"I needed an education to take myself to the next level, not only for me but also for my business, as well. It was important to me to find a reputable, accredited school. It was equally important that I would both certify and license after attending the school. What I didn’t anticipate was that it would be such an enjoyable, stress-free experience."

"Since this was the first time attending an on-line school, I had a certain level of anticipation and concern for what I was about to embark upon. From the easy to navigate website, to the instruction and instructors, I quickly realized I had no reason to be concerned and thus a stress-free environment. The modules and education were so interesting and enlightening that I found it difficult to take a break."

"Thank you for the opportunity i got to develop myself through the Certified Image Consultant course that i enrolled in through your organization. Finding an online image consultant course was a dream come true for me and I am grateful that you're affording individuals from all round the world to be certified as image consultants from their countries."

"I enjoyed the online course and I have really developed as an image consultant. The videos and the manuals you provided for us were clear and made learning and understanding easy. I also appreciated the many online resources you linked us to that we can still use even after completing the course."

"When I started this course I was nervous because I had never taken any online study course. It was very helpful to be able to contact the lecturer anytime I was unsure. FIS got back to me quickly and usually within the next day. This gave me great confident with this course."

"The material was very informative, practical and straight forward. As a non-English native speaker, I very much liked the fact I could listen and watch the tutorial slides over and over until I understood them completely. The contents were well-focused on building up the foundations of styling which is great because I now feel confident to build up from there on my own".

"The Certified Color Analysis consultant is a very effective and practical training. The course materials is very details with step by step instructions to do a professional color consulting for client."

"Fashion Stylist Institute has been a great provider of online training in the field of Color Analysis Consulting. The ability of your institution to marry such a dynamic topic with the power of the internet to reach me all the way in the Caribbean to the sister isles of Trinidad and Tobago is very innovative."

"This is the second certification program I have completed with your institution, and I have met with the same level of professionalism. This level of consistency in professionalism can only be hailed as excellent."

"It's so good that when I submit my exams,essays and projects, I know exactly when to check for my grades, which has never been delayed but rather are delivered to my inbox in a timely and efficient manner. I really have no problems during my time enrolled in your training programs given all materials,video and instructions are provided in a structured manner to allow for a smooth transition from one stage to the next."

"Your program is user friendly and your years of experience is perceived through your materials. These things really do set the tone, for us as aspiring Consultants, of what the profession requires of us. I am very grateful for this opportunity and your institution. I was able to grasp the training rather quickly and I hope to obtain my tools soon to begin to practice what you have thought me through this online portal. Thank you again and keep up the great work of providing an innovative tool for foreign students to achieve their goals in the fashion industry."

"I just finished the Personal Shopper Course, and I´m blown away by all it´s content! Not only do I now have the tools to become a Personal Shopper, but an Elite Personal Shopper, a Wardrobe Consultant, and a successful businesswoman with the training and the knowledge this course has given me!"

"Ms. Gillian started her career in fashion as a teenager, and I believe that she is one of the most competent professionals in the business of personal shopping that there is, so if you take this course you are really learning from the best."

"This is the second online course I´ve taken with the Fashion Image Institute, and as always I´m amazed by how FII can manage to make an online course so easy to learn, with practical exercises, videos and personal contact! I´ve taken other online courses but the FII is the best I´ve tried."

"The accessibility of the staff members made me feel safe if any questions or problems occurred. The e-learning format is really good, and the manuals are a valuable asset to have as a guideline for future work."

"I have really enjoyed this course and I recommend it to anyone who wants to work with personal shopping."

"I have recently completed the Image Consultant Course. There was so much information that will be so helpful when working with new clients. It has helped me gain confidence in areas such as measuring, analyzing body shapes, facial shapes, hairstyles, and so much more. This course like others I have taken (Color Analysis, and Personal Shopper) have been so helpful in building my confidence when faced with clients of all different size and shapes as well as ethnic backgrounds."

"It is exciting and I feel like this class has empowered me and given me the confidence that I needed to begin my business as an Image Consultant. All of the surveys and client forms given are priceless pieces of information that will allow me to feel professional and organized when meeting with clients. This will keep the clients coming back and that is of course the goal!"

"I am on my way to start my own business. Thank you Gillian for empowering people to make a living at something they love! Your courses offered are priceless!"

"I have just completed your Elite Personal Shopper program and passed with a 95% score! I am grateful for all the information and guidance to begin my career in the fashion industry."

"I really like the fact that all the material was available to download and print. Also being able to easily navigate through the online program and stop and start when I needed made this the perfect fit for me. I decided to read through the manual just before taking the exam; this helped me to complete the exam with ease."

"I know I can feel confident when working with private clients because I have all the tools I need to be a professional. For anyone apprehensive about starting a career in this industry, I recommend The Fashion Image Institute’s online courses. Being well educated will help to ensure your business. The more professional and knowledgeable you are, the more clients you will have and be referred to, and the more your business will grow."

"So, interlarded with a lot of enthusiasm, I began to browse for options to learn about fashion styling. But, nothing could meet my needs until I landed on to the Fashion image institute’s website. The website was awesome and the fact that impressed me the most was the way it was designed and the description of various courses. I was sure I have reached my destination."

"Once I began reading the course, I realized how involving it was. One can actually assess the amount of hard work that must have gone in to creating each of these slides and designing a course of this calibre. The course has a lot of interactive quizzes, videos and self-do exercises that kept on my interest in the course going on. I was also enticed by Ms. Armour’s excellent oratorial skills and the ease with which she presented all the topics. It was easy to understand and comprehend. Also, the complementary study materials were a lot useful. One could actually use the sample forms and questionnaire for one’s own business. Also, the entire Fashion Image Institute team was supportive and prompt in response."

"After many months of searching online for a reputable online training course for Image Consultants, I stumbled across the Fashion Image Institute. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Ms. Armour via the online training tools. At first there was some trepidation with online studying method. I questioned "how much can I really gain from learning about fashion/image online", "how much time will I need to invest in this", "will the workload be manageable', "how relevant will the content be". Well I was pleased to have all my questions answered and then some. Ms. Armour was always readily available to answer questions, help with tech support and personally give you the boost of confidence needed to succeed. Even more appealing about my online studies with Fashion Image Institute is that the course work is extremely relevant to fashion and image trends today. The courses were easy to follow, well paced, provided the right amount of content and answered questions before I could even ask."

"I am glad I found the Fashion Image Institute and even happier that I chose this institution to complete my learning. I also enjoyed the quizzes and short writing assignments at the end, which challenged my understanding of the material. What I also appreciated about the course was that it provided a wealth of resources to assist the image professional ongoing. I plan on taking more courses with Fashion Image Institute and would highly recommend the course to anyone looking to brush up on industry knowledge or those breaking into the industry such as myself."

"Gillian Armour's online course for Image Consultant certification was incredible. The ease of completing the course online in the evenings made it so convenient to execute, while continuing my full-time job. The content she provides in the online forman was clear and concise, easy to follow, fun and interesting. I am especially impressed by all of the support material, including how to outline my business plan and target niche, and client forms. The cost of the course is well worth the value it provides. Thanks to this certification I know have the knowledge and confidence to transition out of my current employment, and follow my dream of going into business for myself as a professional image consultant."

We have hundreds more Fashion Stylist Institute reviews for you but we think you get the general idea!