All New EZ Color Drapes, Fans and Cards 

At FSI we develop and test new products. We are working consultants ourselves and develop tools based on our consulting needs. We create consulting tools that are simple and effective. Years ago we created the 2D3D=EZ method which allows you, the consultant, student, grad etc. to grasp a simple but very effective color analysis skill. In turn you can explain, teach and consult so your clients understand color and the colors they can wear best. Now we are introducing companion color tools that partner with our training methods.

2D3D=EZ Color Consulting Kit makes it super easy for you, the consultant, to identify your client’s undertone, buy matching makeup and choose correct colors to wear and includes:

·         A set of laminated charts to identify your client’s exact undertone, eye color, skin and hair color during a color analysis.

·         100+ undertone testers to identify correct undertone and the codes to use to purchase matching cosmetics (foundation, cheek, eye, lip etc.).

·         Detailed tutorial and instructions on how to use these codes to buy makeup from over 40 popular makeup brands.

·         20 Cool and Warm color drapes to test undertone during color analysis.

·         60 color chips your client can use to match makeup, clothing and accessories to her correct tone.

·         Retail value $159 + shipping (see below to order)

In addition, we wholesale color fans to graduates to give to their clients. Each WARM or COOL fan identifies 35 most worn colors. This tool helps clients match colors for clothing, makeup and accessories. Coated paper prevents wear and tear and the fan folds down into a handy carrying cover. It also fits easily into a purse or pocket.

We don’t just train aspiring stylists and fashion professionals; we also provide ongoing career and learning support with a variety of useful tools. Our books offer concise expert information on various areas of style and fashion. Our royalty free JPEG images are an invaluable supplement to your marketing efforts and your own educational materials. Our 2D3D=EZ© color system tools make it easy for you to work with clients when color consulting. 

FSI Shop offers a large inventory of fashion tools and style solutions you can offer in your consultations with clients and businesses. We know that your clients need all the help they can get perfecting their image, and we’ve carefully curated our online store to offer style, fashion and color products. We help YOU build a strong business fast by offering consulting tools and resources to start up today.