Graduate Student Essay We Love

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As an essay project we ask our students to describe why they want to be an image consultant. Often these essays are inspiring and on occasion they are extraordinary in their inspiration - take a read.

Reproduced with permission from Paulo (Certified Men’s Image Consultant, Philippines)

“During the formative years of Felipe and Sons (, I looked for an anchor and an inspiration on which to build the identity of our brand. I knew that for my company to resonate with its’ customers, it had to evoke a personality and an image that was grounded on an exemplary human being that was both relatable and respectable. I didn’t have to look far.

When I was young, my father took an expatriate role in Indonesia as an International Banker. Because I had already started schooling at that time, my parents decided that I should stay behind here in the Philippines and continue my schooling away from them. My parents left me in the capable hands of my grandfather, Eduardo or Didi as we fondly call him.

My grandfather was always an impeccably dressed man. He had a certain kind of sartorial flair that was evident in everything he did. He was the quintessential gentleman. He always wore clothes that fit well, loved wearing hats, owned a collection of canes and always color coordinated his clothes well. But what he wore best was his demeanor. He was gentle and kind, but wise and knowing. My grandfather became my model and my mentor. He taught me how to shine my shoes, he took me to the tailor, he helped my get my first suit, and he always, always taught me how to conduct myself in a manner befitting a respectable gentleman. I know all of this sounds immensely idyllic, and indeed, as I grew older, I realized that my grandfather belonged to a dying breed. Where once the Philippines was hailed as the most cosmopolitan city in Asia, where individuals like him were aplenty, I quickly realized that my grandfather, a survivor of the war, was a hold out from a long-gone era. So when I founded Felipe & Sons, I took inspiration from the man that raised me. His values, his charisma and his charm are the foundations on which my business is built.

Futhermore, during my youth, my Didi ran a garments factory making various kinds of clothing for clients both local and abroad. It was here where I was first exposed to the world of the tailoring. I recall spending my afternoons after school in the factory, doing my homework in the middle of the cutting room floor, surrounded by fabrics, sewers, cutters and mannequins. 30 years later, I realized that it was this exposure to my grandfather and his business that developed my deep fascination for the science and art of clothes making. It was here that the first seeds of my desire to pursue this career were planted.

 Already an established brand in the Philippines, Felipe & Sons is known for having pioneered the resurgence of the Filipino gentleman. We have been at the forefront of inspiring a new generation of Filipinos who to want to emulate and revive the history of our nation, where men like my grandfather were common place. Hence our now popular slogan #revivemanilaswagger

5 years since the founding of Felipe & Sons, I am now looking to further deepen and develop the practice of my craft. As country’s first barberdashery (a term we coined which is an amalgamation of barbershop & haberdashery), we are in a unique position of authority on the matter of men’s grooming. Gaining a full mastery of the science and the techniques I am learning in this course are the next level to which I aspire to. Indeed, I believe that becoming a Certified Men’s Image Consultant, and a member of the AICI, will not only serve to open more doors for me, as an added notch to my professional credentials, but also bring new value to my beloved customers. Image consulting is an industry that is still very much in its’ infancy in the country and I believe that having paved the way with the Felipe & Sons brand, I am ready to introduce these much needed services to the Filipino man.

It’s an exciting time for me right now and I can’t wait to get started putting everything I’ve learned so far to good use. I’m also looking forward to being an active member of the AICI Philippine chapter, whose meetings I have been sitting in on already, so that I can contribute towards the proliferation of this profession in the country. I hope that my membership there can help bring a different perspective and expand the profession to more men in the field, and I hope that this thorn among the roses can add a little spice into the mix. All of this towards achieving the my ultimate vision of moving my country back towards the grandeur of the Manila of old.”

Fun Fashion Products Review

This week we take a look at a few products related to fashion and image and how these products can be used as promo items to give to your clients.

First on our review is the fashion inspiration game “Fashion Oracles” - available on Amazon and priced at $13.65 this deck of cards features lovely illustrations by Annie Higgie. Captioning each drawing of a famous fashion persona (Anna Wintour, Cindy Crawford, Suzie Menkes etc.) the card features quotes, thoughts on style and fashion. This is a great gift for clients. Next on the list of fun fashion products:

Pantone Planner 2019 $12.95 - this very handy and colorful planner can teach you even more about color (an essential tool in image consulting).

“This planner invites you to explore self-expression. Simple and practical, the open construction encourages creativity and personalization. Blank and lined pages allow for planning as well as recording thoughts and ideas. The weekly spreads help to track daily intentions in open spaces that can be made your own. Comes with four seasonal Personal Palette sticker sheets, 70 each, located inside the expandable pocket. These color chip stickers can add color to your planner, or be used to coordinate wardrobe, interiors and exteriors, or wherever one feels the inspiration to add color and vibrancy.”

And last on our list - the Fashion Emergency Kit. Every stylist needs on of these. Priced affordably you can also gift these to your clients. Wardrobe malfunction or last minute hot date? “This clever kit has everything that you could possible need for life's little emergencies. The kit contains: toothbrush & toothpaste, two tissues, shower cap, vanity kit (cotton swab, four cotton pads, nail), hair band, two hair clips, sewing kit, compact mirror, two bandages, double-sided tape, tweezers, two earring backs, cleansing wipe, deodorant wipe, nail polish remover wipe and make-up remover wipe. Perfect for travel, the gym, the office or any big event.” Also available in gold!

Femme Fatales Exherbition! The Hague

Exciting exhibit that is moving around the Netherlands. First in Den Haag (Gemeentemuseum) and then to Hasselt in April, 2019. This is the first exhibition to focus on women designers.

“Do they design differently for women than their male counterparts? What influence have they had? What does being a woman mean in terms of their creations? And what is their vision for fashion? The exhibition will include work by Coco Chanel, Jeanne Lanvin, Elsa Schiaparelli, Mary Quant, Vivienne Westwood, Sonia Rykiel, Miuccia Prada, Maria Grazia Chiuri (Dior), Dutch greats like Fong Leng, Sheila de Vries and Iris van Herpen, and many others. “

The Top Results – Why Our Grads Love Our Certification Programs

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  1. Real time interaction with instructors during business hours. “I could chat with my instructor whenever I needed and never felt like I was alone”

  2. Can engage with other image consultant/ learners during training and afterward in their AICI membership benefits and chapter membership. “I loved reading the posts in the discussion forum and if I had a comment or needed advice I could ask and get great feedback”

  3. Access to many free resources, articles, case studies, expert white papers, textbooks and discounted courses. “The notes sections and the textbooks online were invaluable to me while I was training”

  4. Professionally developed and designed e-Learning courses in the latest SCORM and graphic interface technology. “The course was so up to date and even included the latest fashion trend reports and industry news (free fashion news) feeds etc.”

  5. The instructors are experts in the content and are working consultants. “I loved hearing their stories and challenges. It made the profession real to me and the training more so.”

  6. Access to free membership with AICI and its many member benefits including additional webinars, conferences, chapter events etc. to strengthen a consultant’s business knowledge. “Thank you for generously giving me a free membership to my first year with AICI. I joined the ___Chapter and am excited to begin meeting other image consultants!”

  7. Course accessibility – open and online 24/7/365 and uses the latest technology that can run on all devices across all browsers.

  8. Access to image, fashion and style industry experts – not just image consultants but scholars from FIT, FIDM, and other college level instructors via educational partnerships.

  9. Bonus business start-up course is “priceless” say many students and rev up the consultant to open their business even while in class.

  10. The graduate directory is another priceless asset given free of charge to students. Grads get their own web page (and URL) that includes their achievements, certifications, digital badges, contact info and customer reviews.

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Finding Jeans That Fit Well

In this article we explore styling and fit of jeans and pants for the curvy woman.

Different brands of jeans fit differently. It'd be wonderful if there was a universal standard for the way jeans fit, but the reality is that there's not. Some may fit too loose in the thighs but feel perfect in the waist. In contrast, another pair may fit too tight in the waist but feel great everywhere else -- and both pairs might be the same sizeMany women find that a specific brand of jeans fits perfectly but the same size in another brand has a completely different fit. Don't settle. A good pair of pants should fit right everywhere.

 A woman's body shape is important when shopping for pants. Some pants are made for women more well-endowed in the hip area. Others are made for women who have more rectangular body types. It seems discouraging but rest assured that there are pants out there for women who are tall, short, slim, thick, built, and so on. The key to finding the perfect pair of pants is simple: Try them on! Bend over in them. Jump in them. Dance in them. Move around. Knowing how the material moves with your body will help you determine whether or not the pants are right for your shape. 

Mid-rise or high-waist pants are an ideal choice for women who have wider midsections. Pants that are too low or too tight around the waist will create unsightly bulges and muffin-top for women that carry extra weight around the midsection. Stretch is recommended as well, especially as women's weight tends to fluctuate with regular hormonal changes. 

Here's a quick tip to make jeans and pants last longer. Never dry them on high heat. Jeans and pants typically have at least some elasticity and when dried on high heat, the elasticity melts. This leads to pants that get saggy as the day goes on, as the elastic has lost its stretch and no longer conforms to the curves of the body. Always air dry or tumble dry your pants. If you must use heat, use the lowest heat setting possible.

Remember that choosing jeans and pants is an investment as many are priced high so be sure to choose carefully and consider all the points I have raised in this article.

Note: FSI is debuting its Plus Size Consultant Certification course this summer. Watch this space for details about the training lessons that will give learners vast knowledge on this subject and introduce them to the intricacies of working with the curvy woman.

Training the "Good Eye"

Image and fashion consulting have their roots in fashion design. As such, image and fashion consultants (qualified and certified ones that is) train deeply in developing their critical “eye.” If that eye is trained to recognize color, lines, patterns, details or any other element of design then the consultant can provide a high level of expertise to a client.

At FSI we train our consultants to have a “good eye” and to have an immediate, instinctual recall of a visual subject or object such as an historic dress or a certain body type. In this article we are going to look closely at how one develops a good eye for color. This talent is of course at the heart of color analysis but can also be used in trend reports, fashion reports, shopping projects, wardrobe edits and more.

In training our students, FSI provides trend reports and trend video content in which, for example, we will illustrate a series of color images, photographs and details on one color after another. The student is taught how to absorb the color into the mind’s memory bank for future recall. The following will give you a sampling of how this training is done.

Look at the blue image on the screen (below). This image represents a blue color known as Galaxy Blue. It is a color chosen by Pantone (the color code company) to represent a trending color for the Fall and Winter 2019 to 2020 fashion collections. Galaxy Blue will eventually show up in the fashion design collections of the Fall Winter runways during fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris (happening from February to March 2019) and will ultimately make its way into your (or our) wardrobes during fall shopping.

Galaxy Blue by Pantone. Color code 19-4055, HEX = 2A4B7C. FW 19/20

Galaxy Blue by Pantone. Color code 19-4055, HEX = 2A4B7C. FW 19/20

Now, consciously look at this color for three seconds and record it in your brain. The next step is to look away from the computer monitor and focus on something near you – a wall, an outside view, another person and then think in your mind the name “Galaxy Blue.” Your mind should be able to instantly recall the image you have just seen AND its color. So really what you are doing is training your minds “eye” to be able to recall what it has seen. You have now added Galaxy Blue to your visual library.

Successive repetition of these steps then trains the mind to have recall of any color presented to it. Most people practice this subconsciously all the time – taking in what they see and storing it away in the library of the mind.  Who among us can’t instantly recall the yellow of the McDonalds M sign for instance?

The difference with image and fashion consultants (and fashion designers as well) is that they have memorized colors and stored them in their brains after many exposures. Such exposures come through viewing color images in magazines, perusing fashion online, sorting through fashion racks, even poking in our own closets. Growing our minds database in this way helps to pull a color from our minds library instantly. This “eye for color” also helps us to coordinate, mix and match, edit and curate the fashion collections of our clients and plays a big part in the clothing options we purchase for clients and the colors we recommend in their color analysis sessions.

Take a further look at our color trend reports and videos as we post them by following our Facebook page or accessing our videos on YouTube and take the journey toward training your “eye” today.

Pitching for a Job, New Client or Funding?

Check Your First Impression First

Excerpted from “Your Image Talks; How to Win the Pitch, Presentation or Interview” by Gillian Armour

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What do we know about first impressions? Why do they have such a strong influence? Scientific research has shown that:

•        We all form an impression when we meet someone for the first time.

•        First impressions are based on limited information.

•        First impressions are based largely on visual cues.

•        Attitudes and actions are often driven by first impressions.

•        First impressions are, often, accurate.

•        First impressions are registered in nanoseconds, (don’t believe the myth of seven, ten, or thirty seconds) are instant, and cannot be undone!

Is it any wonder first impressions are the key to your proposal’s success?  Trained recruiters and clients will tell that even though they try to overlook an initial bad impression, it is almost impossible for it not to taint their attitude towards the applicant. If you think that is unfair, or think a client, a manager or senior staff member should be mature enough to overlook superficial impressions, you are simply fooling yourself.

The truth is if you want a successful pitch you must make a spectacular first impression. You can only make a good first impression if you are aware of what nonverbal messages you send.

Researchers disagree on the exact length of time it takes to cement a first impression. What they do agree on is that it happens very quickly. That is hardly enough time to introduce yourself. It does not give you any time to gain an advantage over other applicants. You cannot afford to waste a moment.

So how do you do it? How do you guarantee the impression is a good one, or, better yet, a great one?

The first step is to identify the factors that contribute to your nonverbal communication. Six elements of your personal style create opportunities to impress, which are:

 •        Your wardrobe choices

•        Your grooming habits

•        Your eye contact

•        Your facial expressions

•        Your body language

•        Your voice

For more about this important component of image management get your copy:

Your Image Talks - How to Win the Pitch, Presentation or Interview

Week of January 7th to 11th Jobs Board

Job Posting PSA.png

Fashion Stylist Institute grads check out this weeks jobs board with listings for fashion stylist, wardrobe stylist and fashion consultant jobs.

Amazon is hiring

Bloomingdales Beverly Center Los Angeles needs a Part Time Stylist

Macy*s South Coast Plaza is Hiring a Stylist Executive

Cotton Citizen Los Angeles Needs a Full Time Ready to Wear Stylist

Levi Strauss Hiring Part Time Sales Stylist - Levi’s Los Angeles

Macy's La Plaza Mall, McAllen, TX: My Stylist Executive

Bridal Stylist @ Anthropologie - 3222 M St. N.W., Washington, D.C.

As with any online job listing - beware of false leads. The companies listed above are all reputable and legitimate. FSI makes no warranties for the jobs listed. We post as a public service to our graduates.

6 Ways to Portray Power and Confidence

The following advice is excerpted from FSI’s Body Language Consultant Certification Course (releases Spring 2019)

 ©All Rights Reserved Fashion Stylist Institute

Genuine confidence may evade you, but there's no reason you can't act with self-assurance. Doing so will help you create the impression you have mettle and poise and will aid the growth of real self-confidence. With the right body language, you can sail through interviews, meetings, and social events with ease. The following tips reveal how.

Walking Tall.jpg

Walk Tall

Confident people keep their spines straight. Their upright stance portrays them as plucky and assertive. Copy their body language; sit up and walk tall. Imagine there's a rod in your back reaching through the top of your head into the sky if it helps. Standing tall also helps you breathe better which serves to calm you body making this stance important in stressful situations. Be sure to pull shoulders back and down to maintain a straight spine and open chest. An open chest signals power, confidence and energy.

Hold Your Head High

Shy people slouch. Their heads are rarely held high because they want to avoid their eyes meeting anyone else's. You'll appear poised if you look straight ahead rather than casting your eyes and head downward. Holding your head high and straight improves your image of power and confidence. Avoid tilting your chin up as this can unintentionally signify mistrust or snobbishness.

Take Up Space

Crossed legs.jpg

Self-assured people aren't afraid to claim space. Due to cultural differences and dress, confident women often take up less room than men, but they don't cross their arms and legs defensively and squash themselves into corners. Men often cross one leg over the other at the thigh or knee. Women keep their knees together and hold their legs at a slight angle--this pose is evident in photographs of models when an air of superiority and assertiveness is characterized. If you do claim space be sure you are not cramping another’s personal space at the same time. This can lead to unintended consequences so respect others space.


Confidence helps people relax. As such they don't tense their muscles or adopt a pained expression. Loosen your jaw by keeping your teeth slightly apart and soften the tiny muscles around your eyes. As a result, you'll look cool and collected. Do the same with your entire body, allowing your shoulders to drop and arms to hang loosely by your sides when you walk. Deep breathing, inhaling toward your belly at a slow and even pace, will help you achieve your aim.

Assume an Assertive Posture

As well as walking tall and keeping your head high, distribute your body mass equally on your legs--this will help you maintain an upright stance. At the same time, align your legs with your shoulders, and keep your feet slightly apart as you stand but not so far apart that you look strange. Aligning your posture from toe to top of head shows you are an assertive person standing in confidence, not aggression.

Make Contact

Make Contact.jpg

Always face people when engaged in conversation, and make sure your body, as well as your head, is turned toward them. Make contact using your body to portray interest and authentic communication style. Showing interest via your body stance is important in many professions and can even get you the sale!

Adopt the body language of assertive people and your autonomic nervous system will help you attain bonafide confidence. With a straight spine, open chest, and balanced body, you will achieve the calm, positive demeanor of a self-assured individual. In the process, you will appear poised and create the impression you desire.

 Contact FSI for reprint permission, All Rights Reserved  ©Gillian Armour, CMIC

Why Certify as a Bridal Stylist?

I see far too many brides in the wrong style, color and shape of wedding attire.  For instance, I notice they are poorly accessorized, their shoe style doesn't match the dress style, their veil style is inappropriate for their facial shape and their jewelry is the wrong shade for their skin tone.  Other things I have noticed include ill-fitting dresses on plus size brides (even though there are many gorgeous bridal dress choices for the curvier woman) and brides and bridesmaids who's dresses conflict with the wedding theme!

Bridal Cover Image.jpg

Bridal Stylists Help Create Memories

To correct what I see as negligence by most bridal consultants or wedding planners - they miss the most basic points about dressing the bride due to lack of knowledge - I created a new career niche and wrote a definitive guide for BRIDAL STYLISTS.  FSI offers a Bridal Stylist certification and on-line e-Course so students around the world can become certified Bridal Stylist professionals.  This course has been a hit since its start because there is a real need for it and because its an excellent way to earn an income.

 Within the bridal consulting industry there are many trained wedding planners, bridal consultants and event organizers who passively engage in the business of the bride’s appearance.  They take their clients shopping without doing a color analysis, body shape measurement and image analysis or style personality test.  They rely on the wedding dress stores to guide the bride.  But guess what?  Even these sales pro's, intent on selling the bride an expensive dress, know little about body shape, body type, small, medium or large frame, low, medium or high contrast coloring etc.  because they too, like the wedding planners, have not been professionally trained.

Unfortunately, many brides waste hours of time looking for the perfect dress because they have not learned the "fashion rules" that apply to their individual shape.  They get even more confused, and waste even more time by taking the incorrect advice of bridal store "stylists".  And, on top of this, family add their advice to the mix often with truly awful results!

Shopping for hours on end without successful results is frustrating and adds to the pressure a bride is under.  Bridal Stylists ease the process of dress shopping.  As a Bridal Stylist it's your job to make the shopping experience effortless and time friendly.

Additionally, as a Certified Bridal Stylist, you can use your knowledge to train bridal consultants, wedding planners, event coordinators and wedding dress sales people and help brides look their absolute beautiful selves on their dream day, a day they will look back on and cherish for the rest of their lives.

The Power of Your Appearance

The following excerpt is from the recently updated and revised book “Your Image Talks” by Gillian Armour, founder of FSI. Purchase link follows.

Your Image Talks.png

Many people don’t realize the power their appearance has to get them what they want in life (and career). When you know how to work at building your image to your advantage, people will wonder what your secret is. 

Part of your success in life is how well prepared you are. In this chapter, you will learn:

 ·         How to update both your self-image and projected image and attract success

·         How to move from being “good enough” to being “the best”

·         Transform your thinking from accepting how the world sees you now to creating how you want the world to see you

·         Learn that your appearance is your personal power tool for success.

Ask yourself right now — how am I different and better than my competition? In what ways do I excel, and how do I fall short? Make a list of your attributes and drawbacks, now, before moving on. 

Done? For most of you your list did not include “I am better looking” or “I dress better.” So, what’s wrong with looking good? Do you feel great when you look good? Do you feel like you could do anything? Do we admire other men and women who look incredible? Of course, we do — there is an entire multi-billion-dollar industry devoted to our need to be admired and liked.

We live in competitive times. We all know that it is in those first few seconds of meeting others that opinions are formed.  Research shows that looks, social status, education, background, sexuality, financial status, mate potential, and intelligence levels (just to name a few) are all evaluated within the first ten seconds of meeting a person. If you are in sales, you do it even faster. We cannot help it. We are hard wired to be masters of the art of quick judgment. So why wouldn’t you want to step up to the plate and be the best-looking person in the room? This takes the ability to be good at preparation. Most of your success in life depends on how well prepared you are.

Get a copy of the book here.

Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Trends and Pantone Color Report

Update 2 2017.jpg

At FSI our tag line is “School Yourself in Style” and we believe that a skilled and knowledgeable consultant makes for a professional one. We empower our students with knowledge whenever we can from wherever we can find it. Our mission statement is:

We are committed to providing basic through advanced professional training and high-quality educational programs both online and at our physical campus in Sacramento (the Capital of California).

We are committed to providing our graduates with the precise materials and tools they will need to grow their independent businesses so that they can achieve their career goals swiftly and confidently.

We are committed to helping each individual craft a powerful and unique personal style and brand.

Therefore we constantly supply them with fashion and trend reports with the end goal being that they, in turn, help their clients to become confident, informed, and fashionable.

This month we are providing trend reports and videos for free to YOU so that you too can transmit this knowledge to your clients AND grow your business in the meantime.

Click the links below to download PDF’s:

London Fashion Week SS2019 by Edited

Milan Fashion Week SS2019 by Edited

Paris Fashion Week SS2019 by Edited

New York Fashion Week SS2019 by Edited

FSI Pantone Trend Report with Codes -SS2019

Being Best Dressed

Gillian Armour, Certified Master Stylist

What does it mean to dress well and how does one do it?  Dressing well means knowing exactly what type of body you have and knowing exactly how to clothe it, maximizing and accentuating the positive aspects of it; nothing more, nothing less.  But, how does one get this knowledge if not blessed with knowing it naturally?  One consults professionals. That’s it – if you want to look your absolute best you must find the best to show you how.  

Professional Image2a.jpg

Whole industries are built around this – Hollywood stylists are billed as the current “experts.” However, there are other experts more accessible to those of us not in the glamour loop of Hollywood.  They can be found in Google under “Image Consultants.” Or, check out FSI’s directory of over 3000 consultants to find the best one for you.

You can also find good “Personal Shoppers” at the better department stores (for free) but I recommend that you find a “Personal Stylist“ interested in YOUR needs and who knows a thing or two about style and color.  Their goal should be a well-dressed you. Sure, you will have to pay for this but consider it a one-time investment in yourself. 

Think of all those times you bought clothing, accessories, makeup etc. that you seldom wore or used because, deep down, you knew they weren’t quite right for you.  Stop wasting your time and your money. Invest in a good consultant and join the best dressed!!

I Want To Be A Fashion Stylist What EDUCATION Do I Need?

Master Level Training.jpg

There are many fashion, art, design, photography and film schools ready to enroll students who show an interest in learning skills to launch careers.  Choosing which one to attend can be a daunting experience.  There are many factors involved when you set out to choose a school.  We cannot possibly cover the broad range of options available to future stylists here, BUT we can give you a few pointers to help you on your way.

First, narrow down your interests.  Think about your passions and analyze the direction they have taken you.  Ask yourself questions about the jobs you have had in the past and the experiences that have come your way – what did you like or not like?  What did you like enough to want to pursue further?

Keep in mind that formal education is not a requirement for a successful fashion styling career.  Work experience, contacts, good taste and a practiced “eye” are the most important talents you need to succeed.  Combine these assets with the previously mentioned enthusiasm and reliability and the fashion world is your oyster.

To learn the basics about fashion, color and image, I would recommend taking small courses to round out specific experience or knowledge you are lacking.  Many image consultants offer courses in these subjects.  You can get a complete listing of Fashion Styling and Image Consulting courses on line at  This site is for the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), a global organization that upholds gold-standard certifications for Image and Style professionals.

You will also want to do a fair amount of “self-education” by studying the latest fashion magazines and periodicals to educate yourself on recent style movements, current trends, updates on designers and more.  The more you know about up to the minute trends in design and style, the more inventive you can be.  You can use this information for the creative components of your projects.

Be plugged in. As a stylist, you influence trends and create new, exciting looks for fashion followers so, be plugged in to current events happening around you. Know who the hot new bands are, the latest eatery to open or who is dating whom for example. All these cultural threads can lead back to the work you do to create an exciting vision for the client.
— Gillian Armour, Master Fashion Stylist

Our Favorite Fashion Knowledge Websites This Week

Blogging Coffee Shop sm.jpg

The business of image and style consists of more than just knowing how to shop, style and sell. Consultants also need to be schooled in fashion thinking. This week we have chosen a selection of deep thinking/ journalistic based web sites. These will give you professional knowledge and inspiration. After all, keeping up with fashion is what our clients expect of us so have a read of these quality writers: – the fashion journal for “critical thinking on fashion” with both fiction and non-fiction deep thinking articles. – pop culture references to all things fashion – fashion writers (ie: bloggers) join to network and show off their work. Most of it amateur but a few bright spots of exceptional writing. Like YouTube – you must hunt and peck through the content. – Emily blogs about fashion and all its aspects – how to wear, what to where, when to where and why! – long term leading fashion journalist gives perspectives on fashion that are quirky and original AND well-informed. She’s got the fashion lingo down and can teach us many a thing about Fashion Week, fashion history, sartorial references and more! - the updated and modern take on Women’s Wear Daily but less industry and more lay-person. A decent selection of fashion people podcasts. Requires membership after first five free articles.