Using Diagonal Lines in Fashion Design and Styling

Using Diagonal Lines in Fashion Design and Styling

I like to explore a variety of principles and elements of fashion design to style a client and make her look her very best. As both a stylist and teacher, I've always been interested in showing the "how" of the key components of fashion. One of the trickiest elements of fashion design is the diagonal line.

Musings: Falling Out of Fashion and Landing in Style

Musings: Falling Out of Fashion and Landing in Style

I have always prided myself in being fashionable. I read every fashion magazine, book, how-to, and any other information I could get my manicured hands on. Plaids, tweeds, and houndstooth, Oh My! This is the fall season that has returned to my favorite materials and styles.

Fall 2018 Fashion News and Views

Fall 2018 Fashion News and Views

Everything from your hair cut and color to your home décor is in need of a refresh, and we will dive into the details to get you there.

Makeup Tips for Self Portraits

Makeup Tips for Self Portraits

In this weeks post we review makeup tips to give clients who seek guidance on how to get a better self portrait.

Today photography is technologically advanced. Powerful lenses with zoom and impeccable color reproduction capabilities create exact replicas of reality -- with all your tiny flaws captured as well. Getting the perfect photo can be a challenge. The following makeup tips can make you look photogenic and help hide any tiny imperfections that stand out in your high definition photographs and selfies!

 Successful Self Portraits Depend on Good Lighting

Successful Self Portraits Depend on Good Lighting

Facial focus

Anybody looking at your photograph will focus on your face first. Use a primer to even out bumps and make your skin look smooth, then apply foundation on top. Make sure you only use matte-finish makeup to avoid shiny skin. If you do a lot of self-portraits consider investing in high definition foundation. It’s a little pricier but evens out the skin tone and creates a smooth and silky impression in photographs (works well for video photography too).

Attractive eyes

Once they've looked at your face, they'll focus on your eyes next. Make sure you use a good eyeliner to enhance the definition of your eyes. Use a complementary shade of eye shadow, and complete your eye makeup with mascara and a lash curler. False eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger in photographs but watch the thickness. If they are not natural looking you run the risk of looking weird.

Cheeks and brows

Fill in your eye brows with a dark brow pencil. Like high cheekbones, the brows emphasize your bone structure in a photograph. Blush on your cheeks is pretty, but make sure you blend the edges and avoid any blush with sparkles as this refracts the light hitting your face and can make you appear fuzzy in photographs.


Go with bold, bright colors to draw attention to your lips. Dark and matte shades are best avoided for photographs. If you have a good pout, your lips will tell their own story, but if you have thin lips you can bring out their definition with a lip liner. Avoid excess lip gloss as this creates white patterns when the light hits the gloss and can make lips look deformed.


Your hair is an important part of your personality and can do wonders for the image captured by a photographer's lens. Choose a color and style that complements both your personality and your features. Try to keep the style natural and avoid overly styled, curled or colored hair.


Photographs can emphasize the color difference between your face and neck. When applying your foundation, make sure you extend it beyond your jaw line to the visible zones around your neck and chest. This is especially important if you are sure that the skin in those areas will be visible in the photos. Also be sure to apply makeup under the lights you will be using to get the photograph. Makeup applied to the face in a dark room will look entirely different when viewed with bright lights shining on it.

Angle and smile

The difference between a frontal shot and an angled shot can be substantial; a slight angle can give depth to your features. Saying "cheese" for an artificial smile is passé. If you can't manage a natural smile, talking with the photographer and sharing a joke can give a natural look to the picture.

These makeup tips can help give you a picture-perfect image. Try to follow them as a routine for every shoot, or carry an impromptu makeup kit with you in case you get caught for surprise photographs.


How To Dress To Impress Every Single Day And Attract Men Wherever You Go

How To Dress To Impress Every Single Day And Attract Men Wherever You Go

by Gillian Armour

As image consultants we are tasked daily with providing solutions for our clients. This week’s post is based on a request we received about dressing to attract a significant other.

We had a lot to say to the client (some of which is offered here for you to read) but the basic advice is this - what you attract is based on how you look – if you want Mr Sloppy then dress sloppy, if you want Mr Gorgeous, then be gorgeous!

First impressions count

When you meet a new colleague who can’t knot his tie correctly and wears his shirt untucked, you think, ‘This guy’s sloppy. I bet his work is like that too’ rather than, ‘This guy’s clearly a hard worker.’ Making a good impression at all times is hard work, but it will pay off. You never know who you might meet during the course of the day.  If you’ve recently been looking for Mr Right, it’s time to step up your attraction quotient.

Here are some tips to ensure that you look good every single day.

Think about your work wardrobe

You spend over 40 hours a week in the workplace. That’s a significant part of your life, and one not to be forgotten when trying to impress. Although your working life may be dull, you never know who you might meet. Give your work wardrobe a thorough examination. Is your knitwear starting to pill? Are your trousers looking a little worn? Are your clothes predominantly black, gray and white? Treating yourself to a quality work wardrobe won’t be wasted. Buy trousers and skirts that fit your proportions. Team basic items with colourful, and interesting accessories such as bright, fashion necklaces and bracelets. Your sophisticated look will not only set you apart from the rest, but it will also make you feel more confident.

Save the workout wear for the gym

The athleisure trend may seem tempting but lycra and sweatpants do not belong anywhere but the gym. Don’t be tempted to pull on gym-wear just because you’re popping out to the grocery store. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear casual clothing to run errands, but make sure that the clothing says something about you. A pair of jeans and retro sneakers looks effortlessly cool whilst being comfortable. If you do catch the attention of a handsome guy, he’s much more likely to engage in conversation with you if you don’t look like you’ve just been to the gym.

Enhance your beauty

Although some women enjoy wearing heavy make-up, not all women are the same. And, heavy makeup can scare a guy. Think of cosmetics as a tool to enhance your natural beauty and not something to hide imperfections. If you do nothing else, make sure that you wear a little mascara every day. Applying mascara will make your lashes look longer and deeper and draw attention to your eyes. If you feel confident wearing cosmetics, also apply a little blush. It will brighten your whole face which can have the added effect of making you look friendly and approachable. It’s also important to remember to not neglect your skincare routine. Cleansed, toned and moisturized skin will glow throughout the day.

Have your cut and styled

The one thing you wear every single day is your hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to pay a good stylist top dollar to give you an excellent cut. A talented stylist will cut your hair to suit your face shape and your lifestyle. No one wants to spend hours fixing up their hair in the morning, but hair that’s cut well from the start will be easier to style. Don’t be tempted to wear your hair in a ponytail every day. Mix it up a little and you’ll soon notice the new male attention coming your way.

Keep your evening wardrobe separate

It’s more difficult to ‘wow’ men when dressed in your work and casual wear than evening wear. If you meet a guy you’ve had your eye on while out with the girls, he’s going to be less impressed if he’s seen you in that dress at work many times before. Keep your evening wardrobe separate from your day-to-day wardrobe to ensure that your clothes give the maximum effect.

When dressing for the evening, it’s important to remember not to mix a low-cut neckline with a short hem if you want to make the right impression. As with your work wear, make sure that you liven up neutral suit and dress colors with bright accessories. You want to stand out and not fade into the background.

Dressing to impress needn’t be hard work. A few changes in habits and wardrobe will ensure that you look your very best at all times. You never know when you might bump into the perfect guy, so make sure that you’re always looking and feeling fabulous. Remember –  you attract what you dress for.